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First Village visit! Summer 2020

Last Friday we had our first meeting in the village of Garcina since the virus ended. The kids were so happy to see us, we caught up, played some games in the yard, ate cherries off the trees 🍒 and told the story of how Jesus cared for the children. The two orphanages where we’ve been involved (Casa Ray & Ion Creanga) are still not open to visitors, just to their staff. We have some plans for events with teens this summer as our camps are not able to happen. Thank you for the prayers & continue to lift up our town in prayer!💝🙏

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The New House!

With the grace and leading of God, our family was able to purchase a small piece of land two years ago and started construction last May. This came as an answer to prayer after living in a few different rented apartments for five years and not having something our family could invest In in the long run.

2CB43801-9BCA-4A3D-AA6D-1DC6B162912FWe’ve been living here for seven months, making it more like home, and we’re very grateful for the fresh air and beauty of God’s creation all around us. We were able to get a small house loan from a private business lender which we began paying back in January.  It’s a 10 year loan. After much consulting and discussing about our family’s future with our director, Luke Holtry, and others, we decided on this course of action. The land has 545 square meters, is a 10 minute drive outside our city Piatra-Neamt and the house has 160 livable square meters. We found a local construction company and some friends who were able to help with the painting and electrical wiring. It is good and pleasant when brothers work together! 🙏

If you would like more information about the house or our loan, please email us or our director Luke, or lukeholtry God bless you & yours!💖


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Summer update 2020

“This is what the Lord says: ‘You say about this place, “It is a desolate waste, without people or animals.” Yet in the towns of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem that are deserted, inhabited by neither people nor animals, there will be heard once more 11 the sounds of joy and gladness, the voices of bride and bridegroom, and the voices of those who bring thank offerings to the house of the Lord, saying,
“Give thanks to the Lord Almighty,
for the Lord is good;
his love endures forever.”
For I will restore the fortunes of the land as they were before,’ says the Lord.“
Jeremiah 33: 10-11

🙏🙏We pray you are making this unprecedented time useful & trusting in the Lord to reveal his promises that there will be good to come. He is always faithful and never changing from beginning to the end.

With cancellation of all our children’s meetings this Spring, have taken this time to teach our children the Easter story in a meaningful way, we’ve played more, done more crafts, and have been more intentional with correction. It’s been a fruitful time! If you are a parent, we pray YOU can also parent with the help of the Holy Spirit so God’s love fills our/ your house. We pray in this new normal we can find ways to reach out to those in our corner of the world and encourage them in their belief in God. How can we pray for your family in this time?🙏🙏🙏

Our camps are cancelled for the summer, because of meeting restrictions at the campgrounds and distancing. We are hoping to do some outreaches over the summer in some villages.

Outreach at the Ion Creanga State Orphanage in our city has been cancelled since March, waiting to hear when we can start visiting again. Looking forward to teaching them stories from the flannel graph again. 🤗🤗🤗😁😁

Praise God, we had an online meeting with a church in Lancaster in early May and it was encouraging and fruitful.💖

Praise God, our home church in Piatra-Neamt has had open-air sermons for three weeks. In two more weeks they will hold indoors. May our church and the church members shine God’s light 💖

Please pray for Cristina, a teenaged helper of ours, as she decides what to do after high school. She helps us at the IC Orphanage. 💖

Please pray for Anita a worker from Casa Ray Orphanage, who was diagnosed with Covid two weeks ago. She is feeling better. 💖

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Response to the COVID-19

Please pray for Romania , schools closed until after Easter, the 19th April to help with the spreading. Meetings in closed spaces are cancelled, including church.  There are 277 confirmed cases in the whole country as of 3/20/2020. The Orphanage in our town has declined all outside visitors at this time. We’ve postponed all our other activities with the kids for the time being to prevent the spread of the disease. We are okay so far, just spending more time together 🙂 Pray for the elderly and weaker immune systems & beef up the Vit C!🙏🙏


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Avadanei Family update January 2020

Dear Friends, family, and sponsors,

The year 2019 passed by quickly especially with the fact that our children are growing so quickly. Emily is 3 1/2 and Ruben is 1 yr 3 months. Here is a list of 2019 activities that we coordinated together with the city church (Sfanta Treime Baptist Piatra Neamt, where Luci helps lead youth group), the village church (Vestea Buna Garcina) and the surrounding Piatra Neamt area.
May 12, 2019– Tenth Anniversary of the inauguration of the Baptist church in the village of Garcina. The church hosted a meal afterwards with between 40-50 villagers attending. We saw 12 children from our children’s program & saw a few older ones from years past. In the Sunday morning program, we had as special guests the MBK gypsy choir, with Eduard Teodorescu directing. They sang also at our home church in the city on Sunday evening. Pray for the village church to continue to spread the gospel in the village. (Photo 1,2)
June 1 2019– Children’s Day event at our church, organised together with the Children’s ministry worker Gary, with city, orphanage, and village kids from Garcina and other villages. We had four hours of games, worship, a skit by the leaders, pizza, cake & confetti. The skit & theme of the day was based on Max Lucado’s book “You Are Special.” (Photo 3,4)
July 2019 ‘VBS for a day’- together with a medical team from SC, USA we had kids activities & crafts in 5 villages  (Garcina, Bodesti, Bargauani, Borca, Bicaz Ardelean) & kids in the orphanage & our city each place one day for a week’s time.
August 26-31, 2019 At Youth Camp we had 62 teens from our county & neighboring counties. We took 18 leaders from our church. Twenty youth were from our church, some were from other churches in the area, and some participants were unchurched. The week’s theme was “180 degrees: A Radical Change” about the life & ministry of Paul. This year’s camp has been scheduled for Aug 2-8, 2020. (Photo 5,6,7)
Nov. 30, 2019 Church Families Banquet. A chance for the married couples in our church (Piatra-Neamt) to get together for  dinner and fellowship. The youth served meal. We initiated this event last year & had a good response so we continued again. (Photo 8)
Dec. 13, 2019– Christmas Dinner for Widows. Following in the same spirit as the meal for families, this year we had a special time for widows/ elderly members of our church. We had asked the families attending the other banquet to serve the meal/ donate some items. It was a good turnout (about 30), a family sang Christmas carols, and other church members served the meal.
Dec. 14, 19, & 20– Christmas programs at three places this year. In the village of Garcina, the Together Again Center in Piatra-Neamt for homeless families, and at the Ion Creanga Orphanage in Piatra Neamt. We had carols and handed out shoebox gifts. Wonderful to share God’s love. At the orphanage, again we invited our friends the Quo Vadis choir to come and sing some carols & help hand out boxes. (Photo 9,10,11)
Dec. 19, 2019- The Quo Vadis choir gave a concert at our church in the city (Sfanta Treime Baptist in Piatra Neamt.) spent the night, and the next day served at the I.C. Orphanage handing out Christmas boxes, and continued on to Suceava where they had another concert. Praise the Lord for their enthusiastic service!
Regular meetings of Garcina kids program Fridays, 3-6 kids. In village of Garcina.
Regular meetings of Ion Creanga Orphanage kids Saturdays, 15-20 kids. In city of Piatra Neamt.
Regular meetings of adolescents (12-14 years) Saturdays 10-15 kids. Baptist Church in Piatra Neamt.
Regular meetings of youth group(15-19 years) Saturdays 15-20 teens. Baptist Church in Piatra Neamt.
Regular visits to Casa Ray Orphanage for english lessons (ages 7-15) Tuesdays. (Rebecca & the kids going)
Regular work (once monthly) in Preschool Sunday school (Rebecca) at the city Baptist church.
Prayer requests: There were three baptisms in our church this year in August of the teens who have been coming to camp & church programs: Petru G, Cristina B, and Denisa B. All three continue to come to church & functions. Pray for them to remain firm in their faith. Pray for Cristina C, who has been devoted to helping us especially in our orphan ministry for two years, that she can deepen her spiritual walk. Our next furlough we are planning for the spring of 2021. If you and your family would like to meet with us then, shoot us a message!
Praises: We were able to move into our house. This gets us out of renting, which we have been doing for 5 1/2 years. The kids are already enjoying more play space it offers. The year 2020 promises more interaction in our city, as we have Youth camp planned for Aug 2-8 and are planning to do a VBS in July with children, besides ongoing orphanage, village group, and youth group meetings.
Thank you for praying for our family and sending your financial gifts through My Brother’s Keeper as we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus, together with the local church in Piatra Neamt, Romania! Blessings to you in this new year,
-Lucian & Rebecca Avadanei
Emily & Ruben
My Brother’s Keeper missionaries
Children & Youth Outreach
Piatra Neamt, Romania
My Brother’s Keeper International
Any donations please write “Avadanei family” on the memo line and it will get to us. There are 7 other families working through the mission agency, so please don’t forget to specify. Thanks 🙂
If you’d like to get in on our camp fundraiser, we are accepting sponsorships of $130 to the same address write “Avadanei camp” on the memo line.
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14
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Sharing Christmas boxes 🎁

In December we had three places that we went to and shared the good news & Christmas shoeboxes. We started in the village of Garcina on the 14th, then the center “Together Again” for homeless on 19th, and on the 20th went to Ion Creanga Orphanage in the city where we have a children’s program.

Gârcina : Very happy to share 50 Christmas boxes with precious children in the village of Gârcina on Saturday! 🎁 After the kids’ program of poems and carols, we had some more carols, a message, and fruit cake and juice! 🎄🌟🍹🙏
Thank you to all those who were involved!!!

Together Again Center : Happy to share 40 shoebox gifts yesterday with the center “Together Again“ , a city center for homeless people and their children. It was great to see their joyful faces as they put on their program !!

Ion Creanga Orphanage : What fun! ✨😇🎄 Sharing 50 shoeboxes  with the Ion Creanga Orphanage with our friends the Quo Vadis Choir. They came at our invitation to do a Christmas concert at our church & then helped us give out these boxes. Thankful for their enthusiasm! Thanks to all who made a box! 🎁🎁

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Christmas meal & concert 🎄

On Friday December 6 we held a family banquet at our church Biserica Creștina Baptista Piatra Neamț, like last year, to encourage church families. There were 20 families, including 10 children, the meal was chicken Marsala & roasted potatoes, and the youth pastor had a message on family. It was a great time of fellowship and especially fun to see the young girls from youth group handling the group of children!


Then on Thursday December 19, we invited the Quo Vadis choir to come & give a Christmas concert at our church. It was well attended & set our hearts on the Christmas message. 💕🎄

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Christmas boxes came :) Thank you! 🎁🎄


Look who made a box! 📦👀😀

The boxes arrived in Piatra-Neamt this morning. Thank you to all who were involved! A special thanks to GCC of Willow Street PA who made over 200, we have the opportunity to share that abundance with many. 🤗 The Avadanei family looks forward to sharing many Christmas shoeboxes & message of the love of Jesus in the coming weeks with children in Garcina, Negresti, Ion Creanga orphanage, & DGASPC Neamț I-uri social housing.  Thank you for those who got involved through MBK! Merry Christmas !! 🎄


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Youth Conference Piatra Neamt

Two Saturdays ago, we helped at a Youth Conference that’s held every two years for youth in our county and two other counties nearby. Blessed time together, some youth were in our youth camp over the summer and we were glad to get to see them!! Luci did logistics, Rebecca was part of the worship time, and the rest of the team worked well. Over 100 youth. Guest speaker was from Bucharest a colleague of Teo’s from Seminary. Held at our church. Biserica Baptista Sfânta Treime Piatra Neamț. 🙏⛪️
Message was on learning responsibility & boundaries/what are healthy limits!!!!🥰🥰😇😇

Youth Conference 2019 FB Lucian post