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Passport adventure to Bucuresti

Some of you know of my ordeal of losing my passport on the flight from US to London. This is an email I wrote Mike Heisey on Aug 3, updating him on the situation about how things were working out. I was issued a temporary passport in London so I could continue my travel- that was way back in June when I was just on my way to the orphanage. Then, later on, I was to get a real passport in the capital city when I got to Romania. Here is how the story pans out…

I thought I’d update you on my passport adventure to Bucuresti. All went well, I spent a good 4 days down there and was well received by the Iancu family that lives there. (it is 6 hours south of the orphanage) We visited some parks and had a good time even though it was hot down there, 97/98. It didn’t matter, it was still a nice way to observe the city. The day of my appointment at the Embassy all went very smooth; I had all the papers I needed and the attendants were very helpful and kind. I found out I will have to wait a good 2 weeks to receive it though, they have to send the information to America and will ship the passport to me at the orphanage address in Dobreni. That’s okay, I can wait. I will wait to do the visa until after I receive my passport. (a visa is required for non-citizens of Romania who want to stay longer than 90 days)

Thank you for your prayers, and if you would be in prayer for my visa when I start to process it in two weeks, I would be very grateful. Some news, little Rebeca has arrived from Germany just today. Her father and brother will stay longer to do some recouperation and therapy. She came with a man who is from Piatra Neamt , but was visiting Germany for a short while. It was providence how the transportation worked out. I don’t know for sure, but I think she will be very glad to spend some time at the orphanage and with her Grandma and Grandpa again. Continue to pray for their situation, as I am sure she will miss her dad and brother during this time.

That is all, I hope all is well with you and you are making the most of the summer with memories. Oh, since the copii mici have been away at camp this week, Kim and I have been cooking a good bit! (there were only 10-15 people to cook for) Its been fun, we made mac n cheese today, and pizza and cookies yesterday, and stirfry with chicken the day before. They are getting a good taste of what we like to eat in America . Tomorrow we will make beef barbeque and have smores when the kids get home.

Talk to you later, al rividere!

**UPDATE: I received my passport in the mail on Tuesday and it looks great! 🙂 Now I will plan when to go to town to do the visa. It just depends on when someone is free to come with me to translate.



We are Lucian and Becca Avadanei, a young couple bent on orphan ministry. We met while both of us were involved in ministry to Romanian children, and decided to team up in our efforts to help orphans and abandoned children discover who they are. Now, we are serving together in Children and Youth Outreach in Romania under the organization My Brother’s Keeper Ministries. Follow us on our blog and learn how you can pray for the children.

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