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Happy Easter!

4 April, 2013


I trust you all had a good Easter!  In Eastern Orthodox countries, Easter does not fall until May 5 so I must wait to find out how they will celebrate.  But I told the kids that on Sunday I would be celebrating Easter in my heart.  I have  been explaining to them in the past few weeks at our Bible studies some of our observances in America:   my church has a Maunday Thursday service and cross walk on Good Friday.  I also explained about Easter egg hunts- they don’t have those!  🙂  I read pieces of the Easter story from John 17, 20 and Luke 23, and sang some hymns to them in English.  They liked hearing all about it, but one said we will be bored when Easter comes for us!  No, it is okay to learn about different ways of celebrating this most special day.  So that was for the past couple of weeks in our Bible studies.

Then at the church on Sunday, I went up front when they had the poem and song time for the congregation.  I had done this once before, in the winter,where I introduced myself and told what ministry I am doing here, and then shared Psalm 71 in English.  I wanted the church family to know me better since I am staying here a whole year.  So on Sunday, I went up again and re-introduced myself and said I have 3 more months here in my work.  I have by now made acquaintance with some members.  I explained that since today is Easter in America, I want to share a song.  I sang “Crown Him with Many Crowns” and to my delight, they started humming in the background.  Turns out they know it in Romanian 🙂  While I was singing  the verses, the pianist meandered up and started to accompany me, and they looked for the words on the screen for the congregation.  After I was finished singing the song in English, the whole church family sang in Romanian, and it was beautiful.  One girl said to me after, “I think that is what heaven will be, all of our attention focused and worshipping the Lord together.” 

So, I was determined to have a special Easter, to not let it go by unnoticed, and it was!

Hope your Easter was memorable and led you to understanding the great love of our Lord a little bit clearer.  Blessings, Becca



We are Lucian and Becca Avadanei, a young couple bent on orphan ministry. We met while both of us were involved in ministry to Romanian children, and decided to team up in our efforts to help orphans and abandoned children discover who they are. Now, we are serving together in Children and Youth Outreach in Romania under the organization My Brother’s Keeper Ministries. Follow us on our blog and learn how you can pray for the children.

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