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October 2014 update

Hello Prayer Warriors!

We have now completed a month of training at CIT, Praise the Lord. Thru this time our eyes were opened to other missionaries’ stories and difficulties. We learned ways of ‘serving’ that aren’t so helpful. We learned the importance of working WITH the team of believers we have. Pray for us as we continue processing how we should take our role when we enter the country again. Pray for the other families and singles going who were with us too as they enter new homes and communities. Many of them will be learning different languages or customs, but pray they are able to keep their solid foundation on Christ.

Praise- Yay! We are at 50% in reaching our goal of monthly partners. If you want to be a monthly partner or hear more about it, email Rebecca at
Our wedding went well, was a very happy occasion & much dear fellowship. Lucian was learning some new customs. I(Rebecca) am glad to have a rest as things are getting back to normal.

Prayer reasons- We can raise the money for our training $3,000.
We can raise also for the project of putting on a week of camp in the summer $6,000 yearly (child sponsorships). We could allow the Lord to work in the details and seek his presence constantly for strength.

Certainly you have prayer concerns too, feel free to share. I am grateful for you and the encouragement you have all shared with me over the years and hope the Lord blesses and keeps you!