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December 2014 newsletter- Pray for the Avadaneis

Hello friends,


Here are our projects for December :

20 Dec, Saturday  2-5pm  Christmas Program with carols and gifts.  We’ve been blessed with giftboxes from a church in Ireland to give to the orphan children in the two State Orphanages.  Our small group of volunteers was challenged with low funds for gifts this year until we received the news of the boxes, praise the Lord!  Now we will have enough for juice and a sweet for each child during the party, as well as the boxes.  We will share these when we go with other volunteers from our Church for carols and a skit about Christmas.

25 Dec Orphan children in the homes for Christmas, along with church at 10am.

31 Dec teenager New Years Eve gathering.  We are bringing some young people from the State Orphanage in town to a New Year’s Eve gathering with our church’s young people.  We’ll have games, a special meal, and time for socialization.


Luci and I are doing well at getting settled and finding our place.  We are back in Romania after getting married in Sept in US(in Aug was the Romanian wedding) and spending some time in the States.  We’ve been catching up with the families at church here and explaining our plans.  In addition to a prayer group that meets every Wednesday that we are involved in, we have found a group of young adults that meets every Saturday night for a time of sharing and spiritual challenge.  We will have guests in our home the week of Christmas, Johnny & Rebecca Weixler friends from America, and they will help with our activities the week they are here.  Pray for safe travels for them!


Thank you to churches Zion United Methodist Church of Peach Bottom, PA and Eldred Church of God, Eldred PA for their special collections and crafts and activity pages, we will be using them to fulfill our commitments for Christmas activities with the children.  So far, the kids at the orphanages in town have been practicing  for a program with songs and poems for Christmas, and they’re excited to be involved.  We will be bringing a group of orphan children from the State Orphanages to our church to share the program we have practiced, and afterwards they will go home with certain families in church for a Christmas meal.

This is a picture of children from the orphanage going home for a Christmas meal with a church family.
This is a picture of children from the orphanage going home for a Christmas meal with a church family.


The children from the orphanage singing for their Christmas program.
The children from the orphanage singing for their Christmas program.


A group of teenagers from the orphanage had a few special Christmas songs.
A group of teenagers from the orphanage had a few special Christmas songs.







Please keep us and the activities with the children in your prayers.  Thank you as you remember them.

May the peace of the fulfilled prophecy fill your hearts as we remember Jesus’ coming to earth.  Let’s give thanks together for the gift of God’s Son who has experienced this earth and offers us mercy and hope.  May the Lord warm your hearts.


Lucian & Becca Avadanei

My Brother’s Keeper Ministries



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Nov. 2014 Prayer letter

Hello friends,

Our life in the States as we know it has come to an end.

All of our efforts in the past 9mos have prepared us for this day, and we are ready to go be of service to the orphans of Piatra Neamt, Romania.

Our tasks of homework help/ English tutoring daily in the orphanages will at times present some new challenges, but God is ever present to give us strength, and the wisdom he has cultivated in us will be called upon.

We thank the Lord for relationships we were able to strengthen in the time we were in the States with friends and family, the friendships we rekindled, and for all the wonderful fellowship with fellow believers.  Lord’s blessings & peace strengthen your hearts and make you filled with the living God.

We thank the Lord for the warm place He provided for us these 2 months in Lancaster Pennsylvania, and we are grateful at having gotten to know the family and their servant hearts in the work they do.

Our flight is out of Philly, Sunday at 6pm and arrival in Romania Monday the 1st 3pm.  Thankyou as you remember us at that time.

Praise- We have reached 95% of our monthly support goals and are still waiting for some decisions to come in.  If you’d still like to sponsor a child for camp in 2015, that area is available, with only 40 children presently sponsored and location for 65. for details.

-We are able to pay off our training debt by the end of 2015 due to some extra fundraising.  We were able to pay for the shipping costs of our belongings through a generous church donation and a personal donation.  Thank you to those donors, ptl. 🙂  We were able to ship out our items for living &craft supplies last Saturday with a Romanian company.

-Romania has a new president-  who is very organized and a former mayor.  Klaus Iohannis was born to German parents in Romania when his desendants from Austria/Hungary occupied part of the country of Romania.  He grew up speaking both languages.  With his German roots he will be able to correct some inbred corruption in the country.  Yay, pray for him!  Romania has presidential elections every 5 years.

Prayer requests

That we would continue keeping our family members in thoughts & prayers despite the distance.  For them to grow spiritually and emotionally, and for them to keep their spiritual fervor in serving the Lord.

For the new and familiar children we are anticipating meeting again.  For our interactions with them, for our words to be pleasing in the sight of God, and for us through wisdom to know how to spur them on towards love and good deeds.

Prayers for travelling mercies, Lucian is not able to rest on planes.  We have some business to settle into once reaching land.  We will pay the bills for some things when we were away these 3months in the states, organizing & planning holiday activities for the orphans with a team of church members, and Lucian sees a doctor, and Rebecca starts the process of spouse visa.  Pray for strength to complete these things.

We are excited to continue sharing what we do in the future and how we see the kids developing!!!

Blessings & peace be yours in abundance.

Becca & Lucian Avadanei