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March Saturday programs

Peace everyone,

The month of March has passed and we wish to write you what has happened:

As you know this month started with celebration of women, and to signify this we made mother’s day cards with the children of the center for the women who work there. We discovered much talent with drawing, painting, and modeling with clay. I’d especially like to thank Cosmina, a girl from the center who is very talented with the crafts and she helps us many times with the children.

In the middle of March, we were visited by a group in England led by Sylvia Brown as well as Pastor Aubrey Cardy and his wife Janet. There were an additional 3 persons along in the group and we enjoyed the time we spent with them at the program at the church on Saturday.  There were 45 children at our gathering and 15 leaders, including the guests from England. We presented to them our skit we rehearsed with the children on The Paralyzed Man and sang some songs, after which our guests from England acted out a skit on Peter’s denial of Jesus, because of it being Easter in the West.  It was a meaningful message for the children as well as the adult leaders.












The children learned 2 new songs in English, and for a craft we decorated a 3D cross with jewels and foam stickers. We closed with a series of questions about the message of the day for which the children received prizes. At the end, each child was treated with a lunch from McDs. Thanks English team!!

Motives for prayer:
Rehearsal of songs for Easter
The children know the Bible
They sing in their free time
For Teen Camp, and regular meetings with the youth from our church and our town

Thank you for your support in prayer and material things

With much love in Christ,
the team of volunteers
Lucian & Becca Avadanei

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Please pray for us!

Please pray for us at this time.  Luci is starting courses in mid-March to be a cook here in town which will open up many opportunities for work, but we’re not sure how much time this means he’ll be able to devote to the ministry.  We feel the Lord’s hand is in this, because it will give him something to do during the week and then be qualified to work.  Many of the ministry aspects he is involved in are on the weekends as I head English lessons during the week.  dPray for discerning God’s will!  Thanks!!

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Saturday’s summary in February


This month, we had our regular meetings of games, crafts and a Bible story with kids on Saturdays at Elena Doamna. We’ve begun to see good attendance from a good sized group; we have about 25 kids each week. Many of the crafttimes have been spent prepping cards for Mother’s Day, which is 8 March here.











For our big Saturday gathering at the church, we had a big pizza party for the ones who have had good attendance at our programs. We had 54 kids. They were from 2 orphanages and a village. We played some new games, sang some Bible songs for kids, and our story was on the Miracles of Jesus: Healing Peter’s Mother-in-law. The kids who played the parts had been practicing for 3 weeks, and they did a great job. They are getting more comfortable in front of people. The village kids we brought we had been visiting with quite often, and we have formed some good friendships.   Pray for the girls in this village that they are able to balance their chores with their homework, and for the boys to direct their energy to some strapping tasks. The Lord bless you and keep you!!  Gal 5:14

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