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Wonderful news!! (Sponsors for Summer Camp )

Wonderful news!
We have been searching for sponsors for our summer camp this summer, and with the help of some friends, we’ve reached our goal of sponsors for 45 campers!  Praise the Lord, and thank you to those who sent a child to camp.  We are ready for camp!

We started our tally in October when we were sharing in the States, then in February when we were in Romania, we sent out a poster to churches and friends.  Our week of camp will be on Biblical Character Traits including Sincerity, Discernment, Order, Forgiveness, and Decision-making:  important things for teenagers.  Please pray for the lesson planning and the leaders leading up to the week of 10th-15th August.  Thanks!



We are Lucian and Becca Avadanei, a young couple bent on orphan ministry. We met while both of us were involved in ministry to Romanian children, and decided to team up in our efforts to help orphans and abandoned children discover who they are. Now, we are serving together in Children and Youth Outreach in Romania under the organization My Brother’s Keeper Ministries. Follow us on our blog and learn how you can pray for the children.

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