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English Club for May & June

English club for May & June
In the month of May, at the English Club at Elena Doamna Orphanage, we learned about prepozitions (by, from, to, for, after, before,), we repeated the possessive pronouns, we spent time on the family members, and learned the difference between ” to make” (to create) and “to do” (physical activity). In the 4 weeks of May, we also tested their vocabulary with a weekly spelling test, and we finished the school year with a final. It’s amazing what can be learned in 6 months since we started in January!


We made crepe paper flowers in May to brighten up the room!

In June, we met 2 times. The first week, we gave the final and played Scrabble. The second week, we went over their work and explained mistakes, and gave each a diploma with their final grade for the semester. Then, we had a small party. We hope they retain what they learned over the summer and are prepared for advancement in the fall!


The boys with their diplomas and final grade.