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Youth Camp is next week!

Please pray for the youth camp we will have next week, called ”Tineri de Caracter.” We as leaders have prepared for 6months to have a well-rounded, Spirit-filled week. Camp exists, and always will exist, as a place where many young people come to find God, and experience his love in a new and dramatic way. We can’t do anything great without the power of God and the prayers of those around us. Luke 19:10 ” For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” We will need your prayers for the youth who go to experience God’s love and to remember some helpful pieces of advice.  This year we have one camp for youth, and next summer we are hoping to have one for youth and one for children.  Thank you!!

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Dentist trip

We took some village kids to the dentist!  We had an opportunity appear in our town when a group of volunteer Italian dentists in a caravan pulled up to the orphanage complex in our town.  We spoke with the director there, and were able to bring 10 children from a poorer village as well who don’t have the money to fix their teeth.  For some, it was even their first time to a dentist!  Their ages ranged from 6-14, and one 16 yr old.  These kids have had some major dental repairs needed, but we’ve been able to make multiple appointments until the work is done.  The dentists are staying the whole summer, and they work on the children while they are here.  Praise the Lord for hard work and generosity of these Italian dentists, and praise the Lord that he continues to teach us mercy !  🙂

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