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Christmas shoe-boxes have arrived :-) !!

We are thankful for the great response in sending over some gift boxes through MBK for the children in our town!  We received the packages last week, and have set dates for some Christmas celebrations with the children we serve:

16 Dec 3pm celebration in village of Garcina w/ carols, play (village our church assigned to us in Feb to start a Kids Club) 
23 Dec 2pm celebration at Orphanage Elena Doamna w/ carols, poems
23 Dec 3pm celebration at Orphanage Ion Creanga w/ carols, poems
28 Dec bowling w/ Orphanage Casa Ray (private)

We will take a break with the English lessons, craft night, and Saturday program mid-Dec to mid-Jan for the kids to participate in other activities during this time.

We have been working over a month with the kids in Garcina to prepare for the play.  For many of them, this is the first experience of doing a traditional Christmas play, but they are warming up well to the idea of learning their lines, and so far the songs are becoming second nature.  The event will be open to the public as a way to spread Christmas cheer, and we are looking forward to meeting their parents and some other siblings who we don’t know.

Please pray for the event, for the brothers and sisters helping us coordinate it, and for it to be an encouragement spiritually for the town.

We plan on working continually with these children who receive the gift-boxes with a curriculum from Samaritian’s Purse.

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Nov. English Club at Elena Doamna

In the month of Nov and start of Dec, we spent a number of weeks on teaching the Simple Past tense.  The students also had fun with a mid-term test, where we tested their retention of possessive pronouns, prepositions, and family members that we have been studying thoroughly.  As most of them are in the 7th and 8th grade, we are working on getting down the basics before moving on to more difficult stuff.  Through the use of formulas and reading from a storybook written in the past tense, we were able to understand how to form past tense sentences.  Through all of our repetition, let’s hope they hold onto past tense sentences as they enter Christmas break!  Next topic:  Adverbs ! 🙂


Here’s a cute tool 🙂