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Saturday Awana programs in 2016

The Saturday children’s program started on Jan 16, together with some church members who make part of our team.  Luci and I were spending some time with family at that time in the States, but the team went continually on Saturdays to spend time with the children in two orphanages, Elena Doamna & Ion Creanga.  The children were between 7-14 years old.

When we arrived back in Feb, we joined up with the team again and saw the good routine they had had with the kids.  Needless to say, our first Saturday back with the kids was joyful & energetic!  I’ll include some pictures from that day, February 27th. The kids had started some lessons on Adam & Eve when we were gone, and worked through a Children’s storybook Bible with Cain & Abel, and then Noah & his sons.

Children's Saturday program, at Elena Doamna Orphanage
Children’s Saturday program, at Elena Doamna Orphanage
Playing a fun game- "Describe That Object!"
Playing a fun game- “Describe That Object!”


We are Lucian and Becca Avadanei, a young couple bent on orphan ministry. We met while both of us were involved in ministry to Romanian children, and decided to team up in our efforts to help orphans and abandoned children discover who they are. Now, we are serving together in Children and Youth Outreach in Romania under the organization My Brother’s Keeper Ministries. Follow us on our blog and learn how you can pray for the children.

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