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English Clubs in the Spring

English Club at Elena Doamna and Casa Ray Orphanages went on as scheduled in the Springtime, Tuesdays at Casa Ray and Fridays at Elena Doamna, less in months May & June as I was preparing for the birth of our daughter :).

At Casa Ray every Tuesday afternoon, with 13 students in 4th-8th grade, we spent time reviewing their homework and vocab- 4th grade just a few verbs, 5th grade learns 30 verbs, 6th& 7th grades learn 70 verbs, and 8th grade 70 verbs plus all the tenses. We also read in English.

With Elena Doamna students in the Spring, we met every Friday afternoon. We studied Past Simple & Past Perfect together, having times to practice, also fruits & vegetables, prepositions, and adverbs. Sometimes we had a challenge to speak only in English. We then spent time helping with homework. We hope these short meetings can help these students have a better understanding and working knowledge of the English language.


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The Childrens’ Day Celebration! (and welcoming of Emily :))

The welcoming of our first daughter has kept me from updating in awhile, although we have been continuing with the activities. (less me:)) Our little girl was born on Friday, June 3 and we have been having a ball getting to know her !!
Lucian has been continuing with the outreach for youth in the orphanages and in church that we started a month ago of weekly sessions of futbol/ Volleyball. The sessions have been going well, with the highest attendance this Monday of 50. There was a holiday & off school, so more were able to come. He also always puts the word out about the youth meetings, Saturday nights at our church. Continue to pray that these times would be good times of socialization & encouragement and Lucian is able to show the youth the love of Jesus.

The Saturday before Children’s Day (June 1) we had an outing with kids from Elena Doamna & Ion Creanga Orphanages, and villages of Garcina & Negresti to celebrate! Mainly with kids ages 7-15. We had a barbeque in the forest all day, with two meals, volleyball, soccer, frisbee, bubbles, and time for socialization. We also encouraged the kids with a story about Jesus and the storm, and that he can calm the storms in your life, which we did with a skit.

Skit of Jesus in the boat.
Skit of Jesus in the boat.


Quiet time for coloring.
Quiet time for coloring.