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Children’s Camp~Aug 2016

We had a fabulous time at Children’s Camp!!!
We had enough money left over from the youth camp in July, that we were able to make a children’s camp, too!  Praise the Lord!  It was mostly because not as many orphans were able to come to youth camp this year due to other activities, so we opened youth camp up to paying participants.

Our children’s camp in August was in the town of Rotbav, Brasov county in the middle of Romania in the mountains.  We stayed in an old house for 3 days/ 2 nights with 16 kids from Garcina, where we do village work, and we visited some towns in the area.   We used a curriculum from Samaritan’s Purse, The Greatest Journey workbooks that we received with some shoebox gifts.  In it are 12 lessons, with story, verse to memorize, and activities, and we did the first two.  Pray the Lord will continue to speak through the studies as we use them with this group of kids!  Thank you!


Playing games.
Playing games.









We also took the kids to visit a fortress and an old town in the area.  The fortress was in Rasnov, and the next day we went to the town of Sighisoara to visit.  Sighisoara is an old town that was bustling with trading artisians in the 1600s, with historical records dating as far back as 1200s.   It was a good chance for these kids to visit these places, because they don’t get to visit many places; even with their school, excursions are rare.  They enjoyed seeing the sights in their country!

“Cetatea Rasnov” -the livable fortress.  It is a tourist location now, arranged how it
would have been in old times.  In Brasov, Romania.

Visiting Sighisoara!

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Summer guests!

This summer is packed!!

This summer we have a Youth camp, a Children’s camp, Luci is
helping with the youth group as it is growing, and we are
continuing our work with the village ministry. Emily goes with us. 🙂 Youth camp has passed, and we moved onto the next activity!
We had 63 youth participants and 20 adult leaders. A week
before Youth camp, a friend of mine from the States came to
visit for a month and she came to camp. She loved it!
She helped with the baby, and also got involved with the
activities and got to know the youth.

Kim at Youth camp!

Kim also came with us to the village ministry
on Wednesdays, and she has visited the kids at
Casa Ray Orphanage, where I do English lessons. She has stayed at Casa Ray Orphanage long term in the past, so she knows the kids really well. It was a nice
reunion for everyone and she saw how much they have grown! 🙂

Kim with us at the village ministry!
Kim with us at the village ministry!


Bob, Diana, & Kim at Casa Ray Orphanage
Bob, Diana, & Kim at Casa Ray Orphanage.

We also had Bob & Diana Webb visiting us from South Carolina, who came to Children’s camp along with Kim, where we had 16 kids and 12 leaders ( including kitchen help), and they also visited Casa Ray Orphanage.  We hope to take kids to the pool as well, if it warms up. 🙂  We have had a wonderful summer with friends, kids, and baby Emily.

Emily Joy Avadanei.
Emily Joy Avadanei.
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Youth activities!

A week after Youth camp, we had 30 youth come to youth group in response to the invitation we had given. We shared stories, looked at pictures and a video from camp, and had a message. One of the youth, a boy from Negresti, is really seeking the lord and asked Lucian where he should start to read in the Bible. The youth who came to camp are from a few villages where work has been started, between us & some brothers from the church. 10 from Negresti, 3 from IC Orphanage, 6 from Casa Ray Orphanage, 4 from Garcina, 3 from Bodesti, 4 from Vaslui, 6 from Iasi, and the rest youth from our church. Lucian really enjoys being involved with this age group. We work with those from Garcina & Negresti, and a brother Gary works with some from Bodesti. Also, the Sunday night after camp we invited the youth to come, to lead the church in worship & share their testimonies. It was well attended.  Continue praying for them!  (Ps 46). Thank you!

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Youth Camp 2016 Was a Blast!!

We had an amazing week at camp with the youth !!! We had 61 participants and 24 leaders spending the week together at beautiful Camp Cristi in the mountains of Northern Romania, Voronet, Suceava county. We pray they continue in their spiritual growth, and hope some take advantage of the invitation we gave to come to church or the youth group Saturday nights. There was a good amount of curiosity peaked during the morning studies, and we hope they continue to be curious about God and His word!
Pray for our next camp, a children’s camp, in Rodbav, Brasov county 10th-14th August. It is a smaller group of children, 25, and we will go 4 days. They are from Garcina, where we do village work, and the Ion Creanga Orphanage. Pray the Lord will speak through the studies in the mornings, and leaders’ messages at night to encourage this group of 5-14 year-olds. Thank you!


Messy games
Messy games
A Hat Game
A Hat Game



Check out the video from this year’s camp!!  Thank you to Esther & Jim Linville for the bandanas, and Stef & Chris Dennis for the big ball!

Youth Camp 2016 video