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Youth Breakfast & Prayer ~ continuing after camp!

It is important to continue meeting with those who come with us to camp, especially if they’re new to our group. Last year after camp, Luci had the desire to meet with as many youth as possible to eat something, read from the bible & pray before school every morning, particularly from the orphanage. There were a few interested, but soon they got too busy to keep coming. This year after camp, he announced it again particularly to a new group of youth from a village nearby, and they’ve been meeting steadily with him for over a month! Some of them have testified that it really helps them during the day. These are mostly Orthodox youth, who crave a connection, but don’t have a similar possibility in any of their churches. Luci is energized by these teens! They love coming & don’t care what the stigmas are of “repenters.” They see it for what it is, a group of believers. Pray continually that Luci is able offer them encouragement and hear them where they are! Thank you!! 🙂

With the breakfast group.
With the breakfast group!
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~Helping the Village for School!~

Preparing the bags.
Preparing the bags
Preparing the bags.

School started here 16 September, and that means everyone was busy gathering school supplies! Our friends in the village of Garcina were having a hard time this year, so we wanted to help. We got our church involved, in Piatra Neat, and we were able to buy 12 backpacks, plus notebooks, pens, pencils, sharpeners, colours, and pencil case for the kids. Plus there were some extra donations of backpacks from church members. Now the kids are ready to start the year energized!



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