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Village Christmas Program!

Merry Christmas!!
We have had a busy season, like every Christmas, complete with a village Christmas program, 3 days of caroling with the youth group, and dinner for some kids in the orphanage on Christmas day!

In Garcina, the village where we have a kids club, we had a Evangelism Christmas program the Sunday before Christmas, with a program from our church’s choir, songs from the kids, shoebox presents, and an Agape meal afterwards.  There were 40 kids who showed up for the event, which is double what we get on one of our usual weekly meetings.  We were thrilled!  And had enough boxes along with us to give to each one.  The message was about celebrations and what they mean, a renewed thankfulness in our hearts.  The choir’s songs filled the church’s hall and the attendees’ hearts.  Thank you for your involvement!


The Christmas program in Garcina.  With the kids sitting in the back! 😉

The boys from the Elena Doamna Orphanage who were at our
house on Christmas Day for dinner & shoebox gifts.

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Year-end letter 2016!

Here is our Year-end THANK YOU letter & report.  If you are sponsors, you will be receiving it in the mail in 1 week. 🙂

Consider getting involved by going to, sending a child to camp with a $120 scholarship, or COMING to camp next year.  Any donations should specify for “Lucian & Becca Avadanei.”