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Children’s Camp 2017 ~ Brasov, Romania!

Just got back from our Children’s Camp August 21-25 in Brasov, Romania !! 🇷🇴🏞
Was good weather, mostly well behaved, and we had fun! We had 20 kids and 15 adults, half of leaders making the food and half of them providing activities for the kids. We stayed in a old house that was used as a Bible training school, in the small town of Rotbav, which is next to historic city of Brasov, Romania. The house is now converted for groups to stay. We had four days at the camp, some days were spent at the camp and some we toured sites in the area.  We were able to visit the fortress of Rasnov and historic lived-in fortress of Sighisoara. Daily lessons were on Moses, the Great Leader! The kids learned a lot about the burning bush, God’s plan, the plagues, and 10 commandments! The kids enjoyed the lessons, games with leader Edy, and a cool song about crocodiles in the Nile. 👍 Thank you all for the prayers!  🏞😎☀️👴🏻