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Youth Camp summary!

We had a great time learning about Paul’s conversion, his passion in service, and ultimately his martyrdom for the gospel. We selected this topic for the 62 participants to know that they too  can have a “180°”  and turn their life around to serve God with a great passion the rest of their days.

Our week was filled with sunshine, games, bible studies, worship and great camp food! We enjoyed worshipping with some popular songs that have been translated in Romanian; “Old Church Choir” “Chainbreaker” and “Who You say I Am” among others. Our speaker was a pastor from Suceava who explained well the things of the gospel for teens to understand! We especially enjoyed the Treasure Hunt on Tuesday fabricated by youth leader Gary! Thank you for your involvement! 🌲🌲🗺🤸‍♂️😎☀️🏃🏻🏞

Days 1,2

Days 3,4,5