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First Village visit! Summer 2020

Last Friday we had our first meeting in the village of Garcina since the virus ended. The kids were so happy to see us, we caught up, played some games in the yard, ate cherries off the trees 🍒 and told the story of how Jesus cared for the children. The two orphanages where we’ve been involved (Casa Ray & Ion Creanga) are still not open to visitors, just to their staff. We have some plans for events with teens this summer as our camps are not able to happen. Thank you for the prayers & continue to lift up our town in prayer!💝🙏

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The New House!

With the grace and leading of God, our family was able to purchase a small piece of land two years ago and started construction last May. This came as an answer to prayer after living in a few different rented apartments for five years and not having something our family could invest In in the long run.

2CB43801-9BCA-4A3D-AA6D-1DC6B162912FWe’ve been living here for seven months, making it more like home, and we’re very grateful for the fresh air and beauty of God’s creation all around us. We were able to get a small house loan from a private business lender which we began paying back in January.  It’s a 10 year loan. After much consulting and discussing about our family’s future with our director, Luke Holtry, and others, we decided on this course of action. The land has 545 square meters, is a 10 minute drive outside our city Piatra-Neamt and the house has 160 livable square meters. We found a local construction company and some friends who were able to help with the painting and electrical wiring. It is good and pleasant when brothers work together! 🙏

If you would like more information about the house or our loan, please email us or our director Luke, or lukeholtry God bless you & yours!💖