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Starting at Ion Creanga Orphanage again!

Good news! The week of Oct 1 we received a much awaited call. The director of the state orphanage Ion Creanga called us, where we had a program before the pandemic for three years. He wanted us to come back! The kids (mostly ages 8-15) have been bored with minimal interaction these past few months as all the volunteer groups had to cancel. They were restricted in their outings as well.

We were able to go just in the month of October, then they had some cases of Covid and they had to close again. But we are grateful to have been able to do a review of things we learned last times we were there, and we started a study of “Who is God?” -his character, his purpose for humanity, and his love, and they were very receptive. Pray for them to not lose what they have stored up in their hearts. ♥️✨🙏