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Christmas Nativity Pageant 2020🎄🌟

Here is a Christmas special for you, with 65 Romanian children involved, from our city Piatra-Neamt, and surrounding villages of Bodesti, Bârgăuani, and Gârcina. Project realized by our church’s children’s ministry workers, Gary & Ioana Stoll. Blessings to you this Christmas!!!
Lucian & Rebecca Avadanei

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Mama Tatiana finds Rest 🙏

With a heavy heart, as we try to trust in God’s plans, we announce that Mama Tatiana from the Casa Ray Orphanage is with the Lord. There was a fire in the hospital’s intensive care unit on Nov 14, where she was recovering from Covid, that started from faulty connections and spread rapidly. She had been doing better with her oxygen levels, but only God knows why this happened. She died, along with seven others in her room, almost immediately from smoke inhalation. The fire was rapid. She was 67.

Ten patients passed away total. The doctor on duty had severe burns from trying to save patients, and was transferred to Belgium for skin grafts. Let us keep all those families affected in our prayers, the Gavril family, their children grandchildren, the children in the Casa Ray home, the doctors & nurses, and those that were wounded. The Lord binds up the broken-hearted!!!💞💞💞🙏🙏🙏😞😞😞😞

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Covid Cases Reach Casa Ray Orphanage

We heard in beginning of November from the orphanage Casa Ray in Dobreni that there were 5 kids and 4 workers who tested positive for COVID. The workers include Mama Tatiana, Tata Mihai, Madalina si Matei Gavril. Mama Tatiana entered the hospital since Thursday Nov 5 with low oxygen levels. The others had been in isolation 14 days, separate from the rest of the home. Everyone got over it thankfully, except for Mama Tatiana. 😓🙏
We do English at the Casa Ray Orphanage and take them to summer camp, and other activities but haven’t been there since March 2020 because of restrictions. They need our prayers! 🙏🙏💖💖

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PULS Center Project in Oradea, RO

Our colleagues in My Brother’s Keeper in Western Romania who work with ladies with unwanted pregnancies have been working on a project all year.

Earlier this year, they found and purchased a bigger building, right down the road from the city’s maternity hospital, with more office & meeting space, where they can carry things out much easier. They hoped to have it payed off by year’s end, and by the grace of God and some generous donations, they were able to pay in full by the end of November. The PULS Center offers counseling, material help, and continued support after baby’s birth to mothers in difficult circumstances. They’ve been doing this ministry for ten years on the second floor of an apartment building. So happy for their new space! And we pray they’re able to touch many, many more lives through this transition with God’s love❤️👏👏.

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Study on Hope in village of Gârcina

We started our Hope study the end of September in the village of Gârcina and finished just before Christmas. Usually 2-4 kids come, fewer than in the summer, but we are glad for their consistency. We heard about Noah, Joseph, Moses, King David, & Jesus and their individual callings to give hope in the world. One of the lessons was on sins and we played a game with words of good things/ bad things. Sometimes we have a craft. They always want to read our loud from the books. Love their enthusiasm. Thank you for your prayers for them! 🙏😃⛪️

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Harvest Day at Gârcina! 🍁

On Sunday October 25, it was Harvest Day in the village of Garcina!🍁 The message was on Psalm 65 and how God provides all the good things of the earth, given by Brother Doru & Brother Sandu. Kids from the kids program had two songs, and our kids had two songs🥰 There were fewer people than last year because of some virus restrictions to keep people safe. It was a blessing to reflect on the goodness of the Lord! Blessings❤️