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Baptisms 😎 😇

There were seven youth who were baptized this summer who we’ve had at camp, and who we know very well. At three different churches in town.

Baptism at the Pentecostal church: Florin Dodița (from Casa Ray Orphanage) and 9 others in June.

Baptism at the Betel Evangelical church in July: Ionut Dodita, Madalin Baroi, Dumitrita Matase, Nicu Vacaru, and Markus Gavril all teens from Casa Ray Orphanage in Dobreni, where do English lessons.

Baptism at the Baptist Church! (our church) Mihaela Barsan and three other members in August.
Pray for them as they start their relationship with God, to remain faithful to Him! 🙏🙌

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Lessons in the village 📝

In May and June we continued kids clubs In the village of Garcina, continuing our study on hope. We usually had 2-5 children who came to the program. Games, songs, snack, lesson and going out to the village playground gave us nice chance to catch up with everyone. Pray for these kids as they start school soon, to take what they have learned to their friends and teachers🤗🙏