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In need of another vehicle 🙏

Since before camp, mid-July we have been out of a car. 🚗 🚙 🚗 🚙

Many of you know the situation we were in this year before camp, in mid July our 7-seater car was totaled. It was a good car, 2009 VW Touran that we’d had for four years and were using for our family & for hauling kids & teens for the many activities we’ve done. Another driver opposite side cut us off while turning left, we were going 35mph and put brakes, but there was no time to stop. He was a newer driver. The kids were scared and we were shaken up, but thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt.🙏 It is time to look for the next vehicle. With what we can get for trading the car in for parts, is €2000, and with Luci salary we can come up with money for registration and transfer fees. We have raised so far $5000. We are looking in the €9,000 – €12,000 range at used family vehicles, good quality. We have a friend who for his livelihood he goes in other countries in Europe to look for used cars for people. He’s found 2 Honda CRVs and a Toyota _______ and we told him something like that would be great. If anyone is interested in helping our family of five to drive, you can contact Luke Holtry, our director at MBK, who is collecting and managing our funds! 🚙🛣

Rev. Luke Holtry

My Brother’s Keeper

P.O.Box 11Roxbury, PA, 17251

717-729-5198 cell


​People can contact him directly and send a check, making sure to specify it’s for the Avadanei’s vehicle. 

Thank you!! 😌😌

Just an example of one of the CRVs, not the one we are going to buy.
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Youth Camp 2021🥳🏕

Youth Camp 2021 at Camp Cristia July 26-31 in Voroneț , Romania !
63 teenagers
8 leaders
11 kids +2 babies
5 moms🤗
“Live Life Abundantly” whole book of 1Peter was the theme for the youth.
“Days of Creation” Gen. 1-2 was the theme for the children. The leaders were Teo Tifrea, Gary Stoll, Lucian Avadanei, Laurentiu & Larisa Paruschi, Ioana Bivolaru, Sara Bivolaru, Gabi Iancu, & Octav Topoliceanu all members of Holy Trinity Baptist Church in Piatra Neamt, and David Goran of Alba Iulia Baptist Church.

Great week, hearts softened, lives directed, great people! Praise God!! 🌿🌿🌿🙌🙌😎😎🏕🏕🏕☀️☀️

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Children’s program at Youth Camp!

Camp went great! For one week, July 26-31, 2021 we went to the mountains of Northern Romania for camp. We had 11 kids (+2babies) learning the Days of Creation while the 63 youth learned about Living Abundantly (1peter). The 5 moms (wives of the youth counselors) did morning lessons for the kids’ program, and morning and evening worship time was spent as a whole group. Kids daily lessons had songs, games, experiments, and a story! The experiments were especially exciting!🏕 The kids had a great time and learned the theme very well.
Thank you for your prayers!😊

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VBS at Holy Trinity Church in Piatra Neamț! 🤠

Thankful for participating in VBS at church June 28,29,30!!
We were able to take 4-5 kids from Gârcina each day and learned about the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15. I had crafts for the preschoolers! 👌 About 20 kids total, 6 were preschool. Fun games! Fun time! 🌵🤠🎉☀️
Outlaws redeemed!
Planned by Gary Ioana Stoll🤗🤗

At Biserica Baptista Sfânta Treime in Piatra Neamț

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Children’s Day 2021! 🎉

There was a Children’s Day program at our church in the city; on Saturday May 29 we brought 11 kids from the village of Gârcina for the fun! The theme was the life of Jonah, and listening to God; we had songs, games, bible memory, & pizza! 32 kids total. 🤗🌿🌿🎈
Pray for them! 😘😘

At Biserica Baptista Sfânta Treime in Piatra Neamț