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First week back in the State Orphanage! 🥳🙌

20. 11. 2021


Opportunity has opened for us to go back to the Ion Creanga Orphanage in our city with a weekly children’s program. 🤗 This orphanage was closed to visitors for the past year so we hadn’t been to see them since Oct 2020. We have had programs with them previously for three consecutive years.
There were close to 20 kids on Saturday, we played games with them, told a story and shared some updates for planning for Christmas. (We will be going with Christmas shoeboxes from our sponsors) The room was filled with enthusiasm to see us again; three had been to camp in the summer & are doing good. Keep praying for their salvation 🤗 🙌 👍⚽️

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First week back in the village!🥳🍕👍

19. 11. 2021 😌🌲 👼
We were back in the village of Garcina with a children program after a hiatus of 5 months! 🥳✨

For our first meeting we had 10 kids turn out! Many of them have been before; one new but some hadn’t seen in a few years 🙌

We played some games, sang some songs, ate pizza 🍕, and spoke about plans for a Christmas program.

It was good to see these kids after a long break! Pray for us as we work together to present a Christmas program.😌🙏🌲