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Children’s Day in Garcina! 2018

We had a fine Children’s Day gathering in the village of Garcina on Friday. We had 30 children/ 60 people total at our BBQ, we ate, played games, and heard a message from our Pastor on keeping Heaven in our hearts. The kids ate cake and each got a present at the end.  We were happy to see our regular children who come to our program, as well as 3 new faces. Click on the date to see more. Continue praying that God shines His light in the village!

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Our Routine~ Spring 2018

May 5, 2018
We’ve been back in Romania now from our furlough a month and a half. We’re back into our ministry and family routine, and one new thing this spring is that Emily has started preschool! Another news is that Rebecca is expecting,(5 months) so we want Emily to be occupied when mommy is with the baby in the fall. 🙂 Luci is continuing with nursing school (2nd year) and youth group & mentoring some teens, and I am giving English lessons 3 times a week. We are also still doing our Awana program in the village of Garcina on Saturday, and now that we’ve been back we are making up for lost time! The kids there felt our absence for four months, and now we’re trying to repair. We’ve taken them to the park and played volleyball & had pizza, and we are pouring into new songs and reviewing material they have learned with us. A typical week for us:
Monday- 8am-3pm Luci clinicals, 8am-12pm Emily preschool, Rebecca home.
Tuesday: 8am-3pm Luci clinicals, 8am-12pm Emily preschool, 3-6pm Rebecca English at Casa Ray.
Wednesday: 8am-3pm Luci clinicals, 8am-12pm Emily preschool, 6-8pm prayer group.
Thursday: 8am-3pm Luci clinicals, 8am-12pm Emily preschool, 3-6pm Rebecca English at Casa Ray.
Friday: 8am-3pm Luci clinicals, 8am-12pm Emily preschool, 2-3pm Rebecca English lesson home.
Saturday: 2-4pm L,R,&E at Garcina kids program, 6-9pm Luci youth group.
Sunday- 10-12 church, 6-8 pm church.
Also on some days, Luci meets with a group of young people for breakfast & prayer before school, 6:30-8am.
We hope the Lord is guiding you & your families as well in things that please Him.  Remember Daniel 1: 8-16 where it says how Daniel chose how to stay pure. “But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way.”  Keep in your prayers our camp in August for young people, the theme is going to be “How to Discover the Will of God”, and a VBS in July for village&city kids in our area. We have a few people coming from the States to help with those. Blessings!
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Children’s Day at Elena Doamna Orphanage 2017!

International Children’s Day is on June 1!  Today we had an event with 25 children in the Elena Doamna orphanage and tomorrow we have another event where we have a weekly village program. We’ve done like we have in years past, with a BBQ cookout, games, and time in the sun.

Pray for tomorrow’s event, as we have invited the parents of children who come to our program, also brothers and sisters from the church, that it will be a good turnout and if we have opportunity to speak of God, that we would speak clearly. Thank you for your prayers.

Today’s event went well, good turnout, kids behaved well, no injuries, even the weather was nice!  God was with us and gave us grace! 👍



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The Childrens’ Day Celebration! (and welcoming of Emily :))

The welcoming of our first daughter has kept me from updating in awhile, although we have been continuing with the activities. (less me:)) Our little girl was born on Friday, June 3 and we have been having a ball getting to know her !!
Lucian has been continuing with the outreach for youth in the orphanages and in church that we started a month ago of weekly sessions of futbol/ Volleyball. The sessions have been going well, with the highest attendance this Monday of 50. There was a holiday & off school, so more were able to come. He also always puts the word out about the youth meetings, Saturday nights at our church. Continue to pray that these times would be good times of socialization & encouragement and Lucian is able to show the youth the love of Jesus.

The Saturday before Children’s Day (June 1) we had an outing with kids from Elena Doamna & Ion Creanga Orphanages, and villages of Garcina & Negresti to celebrate! Mainly with kids ages 7-15. We had a barbeque in the forest all day, with two meals, volleyball, soccer, frisbee, bubbles, and time for socialization. We also encouraged the kids with a story about Jesus and the storm, and that he can calm the storms in your life, which we did with a skit.

Skit of Jesus in the boat.
Skit of Jesus in the boat.


Quiet time for coloring.
Quiet time for coloring.


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March Awana & Village Program

In March, we kept up with our routine – and me being 6 1/2 months pregnant, I was still able to participate 🙂

We went two Saturdays to the Elena Doamna Orphanage and two Saturdays to the Ion Creanga Orphanage, and every Wednesday held our Village kids club in Garcina where approx. 10-15 kids who live there came and participated.  At all these meetings, we sing, have a relevant story, play group games, and have a neat craft.  We are learning the Easter story at the orphanages, and Moses & the Exodus with Garcina.

Precious young people at ED Orphanage.
Precious young people at ED Orphanage.


IMG_0329 IMG_0153IMG_0336

IMG_0175 IMG_0170



Fun with the village kids from Garcina !
Fun with the village kids from Garcina !


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Saturday Awana programs in 2016

The Saturday children’s program started on Jan 16, together with some church members who make part of our team.  Luci and I were spending some time with family at that time in the States, but the team went continually on Saturdays to spend time with the children in two orphanages, Elena Doamna & Ion Creanga.  The children were between 7-14 years old.

When we arrived back in Feb, we joined up with the team again and saw the good routine they had had with the kids.  Needless to say, our first Saturday back with the kids was joyful & energetic!  I’ll include some pictures from that day, February 27th. The kids had started some lessons on Adam & Eve when we were gone, and worked through a Children’s storybook Bible with Cain & Abel, and then Noah & his sons.

Children's Saturday program, at Elena Doamna Orphanage
Children’s Saturday program, at Elena Doamna Orphanage
Playing a fun game- "Describe That Object!"
Playing a fun game- “Describe That Object!”
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Christmas shoe-boxes have arrived :-) !!

We are thankful for the great response in sending over some gift boxes through MBK for the children in our town!  We received the packages last week, and have set dates for some Christmas celebrations with the children we serve:

16 Dec 3pm celebration in village of Garcina w/ carols, play (village our church assigned to us in Feb to start a Kids Club) 
23 Dec 2pm celebration at Orphanage Elena Doamna w/ carols, poems
23 Dec 3pm celebration at Orphanage Ion Creanga w/ carols, poems
28 Dec bowling w/ Orphanage Casa Ray (private)

We will take a break with the English lessons, craft night, and Saturday program mid-Dec to mid-Jan for the kids to participate in other activities during this time.

We have been working over a month with the kids in Garcina to prepare for the play.  For many of them, this is the first experience of doing a traditional Christmas play, but they are warming up well to the idea of learning their lines, and so far the songs are becoming second nature.  The event will be open to the public as a way to spread Christmas cheer, and we are looking forward to meeting their parents and some other siblings who we don’t know.

Please pray for the event, for the brothers and sisters helping us coordinate it, and for it to be an encouragement spiritually for the town.

We plan on working continually with these children who receive the gift-boxes with a curriculum from Samaritian’s Purse.