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Our Routine~ Fall 2017

Along with fall comes the back -to-school schedule, which affects both of us, Luci in his 2nd year of nursing school here in town, and I helping with English homework among the kids we know. 🙂 Emily has grown, she is now almost 1 year and 5 months, and had a fabulous summer with all the activities we had for the kids, also a great time with Lily, our babysitter. 🙂  Here is an example of our week this fall:

Monday- 3-4pm Becca tutoring at Elena Doamna Orphanage, 8am-3pm Lucian at clinicals
Tuesday- 3-6pm Becca tutoring at Casa Ray Orphanage, 8am-3pm Lucian at clinicals Wednesday- 3-5pm Becca tutoring home, 8am-3pm Lucian at clinicals, 6-8pm prayer meeting.
Thursday- 3-6pm Becca tutoring at Casa Ray Orphanage, 8am-3pm Lucian at clinicals.
Friday- 3-5pm Becca tutoring, 8am-3pm Lucian at clinical.
Saturday- 3-5pm Village kids program in Garcina, 6-8pm Lucian at youth group (leading along with 2 other guys).
Sunday- 10-12 church, 6-8pm church.

Also every morning, Lucian meets with youth from villages of Negresti & Garcina at 7-8am for breakfast & prayer before school.  Ones who come to youth group &/or have been with us to camp. They have read through the book of John & Proverbs, and have started Matthew.  Pray for the kids we know to come to an understanding of the saving knowledge of God & his Son.  Also for us as a family to remain steadfast and to continue growing in patience and sharing.  Thank you.

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Our Routine

Welcome to 2017!  We have been enveloped in the spring buds and new flowers, as well as the traditional Romanian mărțisor, as the spring takes it’s place. It is beautiful here in the spring, particularly because the winter is so long & cold. A lot has changed for us in the past year. We have welcomed a little daughter in our midst, (she’s 9mo now) and with that have changed some activities. Mostly regarding the English lessons, we are doing most of them from our home, and not so many activities at the Elena Doamna orphanage.

A typical week’s schedule looks like: (Emily goes with mommy all except the kids club- it’s too cold right now)
Monday- 2pm Becca tutoring, 1pm-8pm Lucian at school.
Tuesday- 10am Becca tutoring home, 1pm-8pm Lucian at school, 3pm-6pm Becca tutoring at Casa Ray Orphanage
Wednesday- 10-12 Becca tutoring home, 1pm-8pm Lucian at school, 2-5pm Becca tutoring home, 6-8pm prayer meeting.
Thursday- 1pm-8pm Lucian at school, 3pm-6pm Becca tutoring at Casa Ray Orphanage.
Friday- 1pm-8pm Lucian at school, 2pm Becca tutoring home.
Saturday- 12-2pm Becca English lessons w/ Elena Doamna Orphanage, 3-5pm Kids village program in Garcina, 6-8pm Lucian at youth group (along with 2other guys they lead).
Sunday- 10-12 church, 6-8pm church.

Also every morning, Lucian has been meeting with youth from 7-8am for breakfast & prayer before school.  They have read through the book of John & have started Proverbs.  They have also started to pray on their own.  It has been going well.
Scripture has taken more of a place in our home as we follow our church’s reading schedule. Also been reading bits from Elizabeth Elliot’s Keep a Quiet Heart and Edith Schaeffer’s Common Sense Christian Living. We have many youth in our home for tutoring, so these practices have been helpful to us.

🙂 We hope the Lord is with you as well this spring, teaching you and guiding you!!!! God bless!!! 🙂

Romanian mărțisor that is given between 1-8 March to females.



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English Clubs in the Spring

English Club at Elena Doamna and Casa Ray Orphanages went on as scheduled in the Springtime, Tuesdays at Casa Ray and Fridays at Elena Doamna, less in months May & June as I was preparing for the birth of our daughter :).

At Casa Ray every Tuesday afternoon, with 13 students in 4th-8th grade, we spent time reviewing their homework and vocab- 4th grade just a few verbs, 5th grade learns 30 verbs, 6th& 7th grades learn 70 verbs, and 8th grade 70 verbs plus all the tenses. We also read in English.

With Elena Doamna students in the Spring, we met every Friday afternoon. We studied Past Simple & Past Perfect together, having times to practice, also fruits & vegetables, prepositions, and adverbs. Sometimes we had a challenge to speak only in English. We then spent time helping with homework. We hope these short meetings can help these students have a better understanding and working knowledge of the English language.


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Nov. English Club at Elena Doamna

In the month of Nov and start of Dec, we spent a number of weeks on teaching the Simple Past tense.  The students also had fun with a mid-term test, where we tested their retention of possessive pronouns, prepositions, and family members that we have been studying thoroughly.  As most of them are in the 7th and 8th grade, we are working on getting down the basics before moving on to more difficult stuff.  Through the use of formulas and reading from a storybook written in the past tense, we were able to understand how to form past tense sentences.  Through all of our repetition, let’s hope they hold onto past tense sentences as they enter Christmas break!  Next topic:  Adverbs ! 🙂


Here’s a cute tool 🙂


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Starting English Club 2015-2016!

English Oct ’15

Our English club with the Elena Doamna orphanage students started on Friday, Oct 2 and went off without a hitch !  We are reviewing what we went over last year, namely verbs in the present tense, pronouns, possessive pronouns, adjectives, and prepozitions, and practicing reading.  This is the same group we worked with last year, mostly in the 6th-8th grade, and we look forward to advancing their talents this fall!   We opened up a small space that we are renting close-by to the Orphanage to have the English lessons, as opposed to going into the Orphanage like last year.  We find we can have more control over the classroom if it is in a neutral space.  We also started up an open English club on Thursdays from 4-6pm in response to the request for helping more students with understanding English.  The students who come Thursdays are from the Elena Doamna and Ion Creanga Orphanages.  We have 12 students this year in our Friday club, and between 6-8 students on Thursdays, but we are spreading the word.

20151002_113819  20151002_101855  20151002_101919
Preparing the classroom
The first class on Friday

Pray for them as they learn to be smarties!!

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English Club for May & June

English club for May & June
In the month of May, at the English Club at Elena Doamna Orphanage, we learned about prepozitions (by, from, to, for, after, before,), we repeated the possessive pronouns, we spent time on the family members, and learned the difference between ” to make” (to create) and “to do” (physical activity). In the 4 weeks of May, we also tested their vocabulary with a weekly spelling test, and we finished the school year with a final. It’s amazing what can be learned in 6 months since we started in January!


We made crepe paper flowers in May to brighten up the room!

In June, we met 2 times. The first week, we gave the final and played Scrabble. The second week, we went over their work and explained mistakes, and gave each a diploma with their final grade for the semester. Then, we had a small party. We hope they retain what they learned over the summer and are prepared for advancement in the fall!


The boys with their diplomas and final grade.