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Visiting south PA 🌾

We’ve been visiting some groups in southern PA:

Wednesday April 27 we shared our story at Dayspring Christian Academy with 70 students.

Thursday April 28 we joined the annual My Brothers Keeper banquet at Shady Maple Smorgasbord and shared our vision with 80 attendees.

Friday April 29 we shared our story with a group from north of Halifax, PA.

Saturday April 30 Rebecca shared a devotional and testimony at Ladies brunch at Bible Evangelical Methodist Church in Conestoga PA. Be blessed and be a blessing! 🙏🙏

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Kairos Mission Agency helping Refugees

Our friend and coworker Melissa Osborne Ghitun and her husband Bogdan are working with Ukrainian refugees at the mission school Kairos, in Suceava Romania, which is close to the border between Romania & Ukraine. They’ve seen over 200 refugees/ day when it all started, now it’s about 40/day. Pray with us for strength for the volunteers, material things will be provided, and peace for those fleeing their homes. Thank you! 🙏🙏🌿💖

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My Brother’s Keeper spring banquet 💐

For those of you in the States on the East coast, here is some info about the My Brothers Keeper spring banquet, May 21st!  It’ll be held in picturesque Amish county, PA if you’ve ever wanted to visit! 👍👨🏻‍🌾🏞 

The organization we are apart of has this every year to raise awareness of what we and our colleagues are doing in Romania. 🇷🇴💗

If you are interested to find out more, maybe make the trip! 😎

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PULS Center Project in Oradea, RO

Our colleagues in My Brother’s Keeper in Western Romania who work with ladies with unwanted pregnancies have been working on a project all year.

Earlier this year, they found and purchased a bigger building, right down the road from the city’s maternity hospital, with more office & meeting space, where they can carry things out much easier. They hoped to have it payed off by year’s end, and by the grace of God and some generous donations, they were able to pay in full by the end of November. The PULS Center offers counseling, material help, and continued support after baby’s birth to mothers in difficult circumstances. They’ve been doing this ministry for ten years on the second floor of an apartment building. So happy for their new space! And we pray they’re able to touch many, many more lives through this transition with God’s love❤️👏👏.