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Children’s Camp 2017 ~ Brasov, Romania!

Just got back from Children’s Camp August 21-25 in Brasov, Romania !! 🇷🇴🏞
Was good weather, mostly well behaved, and we had fun! We had 20 kids and 15 adults, half making the food and half of them providing activities for the kids. Lessons were on Moses, the Great Leader! The kids learned a lot about the burning bush, God’s plan, the plagues, and 10 commandments! We learned a cool song, too about crocodiles in the Nile. 👍 Thank you all for the prayers!  🏞😎☀️👴🏻

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Youth Camp 2017 went Great!!

We just returned from our Youth camp in the mountains, and it was great!  We had 65 participants and 20 Leaders in the beautiful Voronet, Romania! 🇷🇴 Two professions of faith. Great discussions from the studies.  Daily discussions were on authority, why is there suffering, not beating around the bush(sex), and salvation. Thank you to all who made this happen for the youth in our county !!

Thank you for your prayers. The leaders melded well, were available to the participants, and understood what we had to do. The participants genuinely enjoyed witnessing God in what we studied.

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~John 8:32

If you would like to view the video:


Pray for the Children’s camp August 21-25 with kids from the village, learning about Moses’ life as a leader. Thank you & God bless!! ✝️

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Looking forward to Camp 2017!

Great news! We have received all of our sponsorships for our two camps this summer, praise the Lord!! 🙂

Now please be praying for youth camp that starts in a week and a half, with the theme “Beyond Appearances,” verse John 8:32.  Pray for us as we minister to the 70 participants, but also for the participants to meet God.

You can also be praying for our Children’s Camp we’ll be having August 21-25!  It will be with 25 children from the Village where do ministry, Garcina, and the theme is about Moses.    Thank you for your help and your prayers !!

Had fun helping out at a VBS at the Casa Ray Orphanage two weeks ago!  A team from Lancaster, PA came to share their time with the kids.  Their theme was on getting wisdom 👍😊

Clockwise Top from left: Luci explains a game; Denisa’s wise owl craft; Dumi & Cristina’s activity for learning about controlling the tongue; staff at Casa Ray/ American VBS team / children of Casa Ray; some of the adolescent girls at Casa Ray.

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Camps for Summer 2017!

The themes for this year’s camps have been picked!! For Youth camp, 24-29 July in Suceava county, Romania, we will be studying “Beyond Appearances” verse John 8:32, and for Children’s camp, August 20-24 in Brasov county, Romania, we will be studying “Moses, the Great Leader!”

So far, we have 40 sponsorships, and we are looking for a total of 70 to do the two camps.
Be in prayer for these weeks, or COME with your group!  Thank you for your prayers!

See last year’s video here.

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Youth Breakfast & Prayer ~ continuing after camp!

It is important to continue meeting with those who come with us to camp, especially if they’re new to our group. Last year after camp, Luci had the desire to meet with as many youth as possible to eat something, read from the bible & pray before school every morning, particularly from the orphanage. There were a few interested, but soon they got too busy to keep coming. This year after camp, he announced it again particularly to a new group of youth from a village nearby, and they’ve been meeting steadily with him for over a month! Some of them have testified that it really helps them during the day. These are mostly Orthodox youth, who crave a connection, but don’t have a similar possibility in any of their churches. Luci is energized by these teens! They love coming & don’t care what the stigmas are of “repenters.” They see it for what it is, a group of believers. Pray continually that Luci is able offer them encouragement and hear them where they are! Thank you!! 🙂

With the breakfast group.
With the breakfast group!
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Children’s Camp~Aug 2016

We had a fabulous time at Children’s Camp!!!
We had enough money left over from the youth camp in July, that we were able to make a children’s camp, too!  Praise the Lord!  It was mostly because not as many orphans were able to come to youth camp this year due to other activities, so we opened youth camp up to paying participants.

Our children’s camp in August was in the town of Rotbav, Brasov county in the middle of Romania in the mountains.  We stayed in an old house for 3 days/ 2 nights with 16 kids from Garcina, where we do village work, and we visited some towns in the area.   We used a curriculum from Samaritan’s Purse, The Greatest Journey workbooks that we received with some shoebox gifts.  In it are 12 lessons, with story, verse to memorize, and activities, and we did the first two.  Pray the Lord will continue to speak through the studies as we use them with this group of kids!  Thank you!


Playing games.
Playing games.









We also took the kids to visit a fortress and an old town in the area.  The fortress was in Rasnov, and the next day we went to the town of Sighisoara to visit.  Sighisoara is an old town that was bustling with trading artisians in the 1600s, with historical records dating as far back as 1200s.   It was a good chance for these kids to visit these places, because they don’t get to visit many places; even with their school, excursions are rare.  They enjoyed seeing the sights in their country!

“Cetatea Rasnov” -the livable fortress.  It is a tourist location now, arranged how it
would have been in old times.  In Brasov, Romania.

Visiting Sighisoara!