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VBS at Holy Trinity Church in Piatra Neamț! 🤠

Thankful for participating in VBS at church June 28,29,30!!
We were able to take 4-5 kids from Gârcina each day and learned about the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15. I had crafts for the preschoolers! 👌 About 20 kids total, 6 were preschool. Fun games! Fun time! 🌵🤠🎉☀️
Outlaws redeemed!
Planned by Gary Ioana Stoll🤗🤗

At Biserica Baptista Sfânta Treime in Piatra Neamț

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VBS 2018 was a hit!

Vacation Bible school at our church was a hit!

We chose to do this ministry this year instead of having two camps like in previous years, because there hasn’t been VBS in a number of years at our church, Biserica Baptista Sfanta Treime. We learned about the Kingdom of Heaven with parables from Matthew 13 with children ages 5-15. Overall we met with 140 kids during the week. Each morning we held a program at the church for two hours with church kids and orphanage kids, between 40-50 kids each day. Each afternoon we went to a different village with a smaller Baptist church and shared our message. The villages we went to were BARGAUANI, ROMAN, POIENI, GARCINA, and BODESTI. Between 10-60 kids. Every night we did something special with the youth group too, from Biserica Baptista in Piatra Neamt and our guest Bob Webb gave talks on the theme. The kids had a fun time learning about pirates , treasure, and saving for the Kingdom of Heaven! 
~Pray for Youth Camp in two weeks as we take 70 youth from our church and surrounding area. Psalm 119:105 “Thy Word is a lamp to my feet and a light unto my path.” Praise the Lord because we have all our kids sponsored.  Thanks! Xx

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VBS at Casa Ray Orphanage 2014

4 August, 2014


Our Bible school here finished up well end of June and new relationships were made between the kids of Casa Ray Orphanage and the team from PA.  Our team consisted of 6 people, Beth & Andrew Railing, Hannah Robb, me, Laura Steager, and Jess Lapp.  

Our lesson theme for the week was Growing Your Faith, using the verse 2 Pet 1:5-7 “For this reason add to your faith goodness, to goodness knowledge, to knowledge self control, to self control perseverance,  to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love.”  We also spent some time on the story of Joseph and how he had some of these character traits.

VBS 2014 Growing Your Faith!
VBS 2014 Growing Your Faith!

The kids memorized the verse 2 Pet 1:5-7 during the week, and the girls on the team taught each section with activities and projects.  We made paper plate tambourines with the kids to learn joy, learned ACTS model of prayer with bracelets (adoration/adoratie, confession/marturie, thanksgiving/multumire, supplication/cerere) , made a frame with their parents/caregivers to learn about honor, and by the end of the week we did a play of Joseph’s life and his brothers’ visit to Egypt.
Thank you for your prayers for the kids.  Continue to keep them in prayer that they remember how important prayer is in their lives.  Pray also for the remainder of their summer and for when they start back to the rigors of school Sept 15th.

The team from PA:  Hannah, Laura, Jess, Rebecca, Beth & Andrew Railing together at a touristic town called Red Lake, Romania.
The team from PA: Hannah, Laura, Jess, Rebecca, Beth & Andrew Railing
together at the top of the city Piatra Neamt on Mount Cozla, Romania.

Beth teaching her lesson on brotherly kindness.
Beth teaching her lesson on brotherly kindness.

One child's drawing of their family.
One child’s drawing of their family.

We took a hike to the forest with the team and kids from Casa Ray.
We took a hike to the forest with the team and kids from Casa Ray.

Cristina and I on our hike to the forest with the team and kids from Casa Ray.
Cristina and I on our hike to the forest with the team and kids from Casa Ray.

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Sept 2013 Prayer letter & trip summary (Including summer VBS!)

30 September, 2013


As I adjust to culture shock in America and get used to living here, I am comforted by rereading my journals and remembering the times I had with the children.  I will tell you about the time spent with the American team from Lancaster Evangelical Free Church, PA for Vacation Bible School in June of this summer and a recap of the year I spent serving the 24 kids in the Casa Ray Orphanage in Romania.

Our lessons for the two-week VBS with the American team focused on the basics of Christianity.  We spent time thinking about themes of:  the battle belongs to the Lord, no worries because God has my plan, I will serve others, and how much do I trust God?  At the end of the two weeks, the kids put on a series of skits acting out the different themes of the VBS.  Every other evening, we had devotions where some team members shared testimonies and got a bit more personal with the kids.

Our team from Lancaster had a good variety to offer the kids:  Doug Scarlett shared his testimony of growing up in an orphanage and the kids really absorbed his words.  He encouraged them to take their chores with a grain of salt, because the lessons they are learning will go on to make them good hardworking adults.  The men on the team had a meeting with the older boys, and the ladies had a special talk with the older girls too.  This was something special that doesn’t always get attention, but we are glad we spent time on important subjects this summer.  We were grateful to Anne Heisey and Kirsten Moses who had good ideas for crafts during the free time, including one that grew grass “hair” out of a soil stuffed stocking!  There were also a number of organized games throughout the week planned by translators Lucian Avadanei and Andrei Brasoveanu and they made teamwork fun!

Throughout the year at Casa Ray, I got to know each of the twenty-four kids well and learned how I could encourage them.  I learned a lot from interacting with the staff and speaking with them on how to respond to the kids’ temperaments.  It was a year of growth and challenge for me, by being in a different culture and learning the people and activities.  I did a lot of learning how to listen to God’s voice and discovered I process spiritual things best when I journal through them.  I filled 5 journals through the year!  My tasks at Casa Ray included helping with homework in afternoons during the school year and assisting with crafts at night, some cleaning and laundry, and being an encouragement whenever I could.  I also led Bible studies with the little kids about once a week with a translator (with 10-12 kids).  We spent a lot of time learning about good leaders from Israel’s history.  It was a joy to lead them in scripture memorization and seeing them use that at church.  We also learned the Ten Commandments together.  After my Romanian improved, I was able to translate some Bible songs to sing with them.  Having these regular meetings with the little kids was a good way to get to know them through the year and we had good prayer times together.

Some of the year’s highlights include going to an evangelism in the city in April and telling nursery rhymes to the kids in the evenings.  I had taken out an English book of nursery rhymes from the foreign language library and read it to the kids in our free time, translating the stories.  One of the stories was “This Little Pig Went to Market” and they laughed hysterically.  Can you picture me with their fingers saying, “Asta purcel a mers la piata…”?   It was precious time in the evenings when we had some time bonding.  I also am grateful for the basic way the gospel was presented at the youth evangelism in April.  The speaker used a visual aid of a cup in explaining how God judges sin.  He made a beautiful sinless world, but then sin entered the world (he broke the cup), so now we are the shattered pieces.  Then, Jesus entered the world (he showed another beautiful cup that was whole) and took that sin upon himself (he broke that cup) so that we could be beautiful cups again (he showed another perfect cup).  It impressed the young peoples’ hearts.  The young girl I took from Casa Ray, Alexandra, was happy to be there and liked the symbolism.   Pray she continues to receive the gospel in ways that are easy to understand.  She has not made a decision for Christ, but is learning at her pace.  We had two baptisms in May, Mihaela and Radu, both 19 and seniors, and they gave public professions of their faith.

It was easier to help at Casa Ray later in the year after my Romanian had improved.  I was able to be a translator for the American team this past summer because of my understanding of conversational Romanian.  Through the months, I heard some of the kids’ stories of where they had come from.  I got to meet some family members of the kids and saw how illness had separated some of the kids from their parent(s), but love was still there.  Some kids are from a one- parent household that isn’t a fit living condition, and some have no parents.  The houseparents take the kids to visit family in the summer months to keep a connection, and let the kids decide if they want to continue the relationship when they’re older.  I also found myself useful in getting to know the staff throughout the year and found ways to offer encouragement.  I pray the Lord gives me more chances to practice that.

I am also grateful for having met fellow believers and experiencing the life of the Christian church in Romania.  It was encouraging to see the Protestant churches alive and moving in the Spirit, and to hear the helpful discipleship that was being preached in the pulpits.  If you read my May Prayer letter about Easter, you would have seen an example of the Christian churches I visited.  Orthodox faith doesn’t so much make faith practical, but the Protestant churches are trying to help people understand that Jesus is relatable and can help you.  I understood a good deal of the sermons during the second half of my stay and enjoyed conversations on faith with church members.  I visited between four churches in the area throughout the year and got to know church members.  I was very thankful for those people who made my time memorable and who helped along the way.

I am pleased to share that the Lord has blessed me with a sweetheart who has similar interests in the way of serving orphans.  Lucian and I met in January when I joined the team from the Baptist church that serves in the state-run orphanage, “Elena Doamna,” on Saturdays for an Awana-type program.  The team was looking for an extra member who would help plan activities for the kids, and I was looking for an outreach opportunity and a way to connect.  I began working with them in the planning of lessons and songs, praying together, and getting to know these kids.  Lucian and I got to know each other as we planned for these events, and discovered we have a lot in common.  We both want to help orphans grow to understand the love of God and that they can have his help practically in their lives.  Lucian grew up in an orphanage, so has a special understanding of what kids go through.  We are looking forward to what responsibilities the Lord gives us in the future with serving orphans.

I am very thankful for how the Lord used me in orphan ministry in Romania and I feel led to go back on a longer term basis.  I am learning about the many ministries that work in Romania.  I will wait on the Lord for the one He will have me go with.  There are many needs for programs, activities, and engaging in life with the kids from the orphanages (Jas 1:27).  I will be going back next summer with the VBS team to Casa Ray with the Heiseys, and after that, follow the Lord’s plan for service.  Please pray for discernment.

Prayer Requests
Felicia, the houseparents’ adult daughter, was in a car accident in June.  She had surgery on her throat the beginning of Aug and had a recovery time.  In Sept was able to return to her work at the hospital.  Pray for continual healing and peace.

The children started school Sept 16!  Pray for diligence in their work, an enthusiasm about learning, and perseverance for the slower learners.  Pray for the tutor at Casa Ray Orphanage, Marieta, for patience and strength as she helps the kids daily get their homework done after school.  I miss the regularity of school!

Future events:  Nov- Isaac’s fundraisers, January- Grace UMC Romanian Benefit Dinner, Feb/Mar- Benefit concerts.

Maria P, who graduated high school and left Casa Ray 3 years ago, has now graduated nursing school and will start a job at a hospital.  Praise the Lord for her good direction!

The slower pace of summer that allowed the kids to relax and recharge.  Thank the Lord for friendships that were strengthened, camps they attended, and hobbies that were explored in the summer months.  Pray they keep a sense of rest as they go about their duties.

Thank you all for your prayers and partnership in serving the kids in Romania!
Va iubesc! (Love you all)

Becca Strock

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July 2012 prayer letter

July 5, 2012

Well, our two weeks of VBS came and went and the kids enjoyed what we had to teach them.  Now, the American team has gone home and the regular routine of the orphanage here in NE Romania is settling into place.  Mama is treating us like her own.  She is giving us directions about washing clothes and where we can help to make Kim and I, the leftover Americans, feel settled.  After Tata read devotions to the kids this evening, he led a discussion on diligence in chores to be able to fit in time for crafts on a regular basis.  He wants them to be able to make beautiful things with the extra craft supplies we have from the VBS.  So, we will add that into the routine for the summer, with incentives for those who finish their tough craft projects.

I will post pictures soon of the kids’ play they put on at the end of VBS, on the ‘Lost’ parables of Jesus in Luke 15: lost sheep, lost son, and lost coin.  These stories were creatively combined by our director into one, as if all of this happened to one family.  The kids had a fun time playing their parts and the ‘copii mich’ -the little kids- were great sheep!  Our VBS lessons during the first two weeks centered on the parables of Jesus with recurring themes of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and God’s great love.

Please pray for: Filip Gavril, grandson of Mama and Tata, who had surgery on his hip last month.  He is 6 or 7 I am not sure, and has a rare bone condition which wears down his joints and cartilage in his hips.  Filip had been in a cast and wheelchair for about a year.  The specialists said the surgery was the best way to stop his condition from getting worse, considering his age.  The surgery went well, and now he is recovering.  We are just waiting until he is well enough to travel back home to Romania, probably in August.  He had to have the surgery in Germany, so pray for safe travel when the family returns home.  Dad- Romeka, mom-Camilia, sister-Rebeka who is 9.

–Also ease of communication between the orphanage staff and us.  We will ease into the routine of the orphanage, but it will take time.  Very grateful right now for those who speak English and for those who can make us laugh.  Pray that communication comes with ease and we are able to retain the language.

–God’s hand would continue to be on this orphanage, through the trials and decisions as Tata and Mama choose what is best.  Pray for funding, as they like many organizations right now feel a tightness as some donors pull out.  Pray for full funding and search for God’s will in this:  if it is something you and your family feel led to do, please donate to the Reach Ministries organization I have posted in the About section.

–Thank you!  I end my letter with a hope that God’s hand of blessing would be on you and your family as you seek to discover what it means to live out the kingdom.  Until next time,


The house of the prodigal son (Luke 15).
The house of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11).







The generous father (Lk 15).
The generous father (Lk 15).









The prodigal son.
The prodigal son.








The lost sheep (with the red ribbon).
The lost sheep (with the red ribbon) and a shepherd.








Sheep from the story in Luke 15:1.
Sheep from the story in Luke 15:1.