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Finished deputation, back in Romania 🇷🇴

Glad to be back in Gârcina weekly. 🥰✨ We arrived in Ro July 10 and glad to be getting back to projects. We will start a theme eventually, but just to get back in the groove in the village we played games & talked about what we can learn from the Apostle Paul and the quality of generosity. 🙏🙌🥰

First time back at the Ion Creanga Orphanage on 16 July Lucian had a pizza party for them! The kids were glad he was back and ready for the weekly program! 🤓📚🥰

A joint VBS for these groups is set for Aug 24-26. 🥳🙏🦩

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Kids clubs in 2022! 🥳🤗🙏

This year in 2022 we are basing our lessons on the Gospel of Matthew. So far at the Ion Creanga Orphanage and in the village of Garcina, we’ve had messages on God’s protection during Herod’s acts of jealousy, on Jesus’ baptism, Jesus’ temptation, and the Beatitudes (Mt 2-5). The kids are really good & listening and answering all the questions really well😊👍 -that’s a bonus!😅🙏 they really like the games we play too; we’ve been having some creative ones!🥳

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School supplies donation! 🏫🥳

Thank you Grace Community Church of Willow Street PA for the school supplies!! 🤗🎊🖌📒✏️

We appreciate💡how you mobilized the church combined with your summer VBS to gather needed items!! We handed out 15 bags to the children in the village of Garcina along with a donation of clothes from MBK on Friday December 31 and Friday Jan 21. We shared 7 bags with children in the village of Bargauani on Sat January 22. We have more bags to hand out. They will be put to good use! Thank you! Be blessed!

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Christmas boxes in the village of Garcina! 🎁🎄

On Wednesday December 22 we held a Christmas party in the village of Gârcina where 25 people were in attendance👍☺️ heard the message of the joy of Jesus, and played some games! We were happy to share shoebox gifts with the children present and a big bag of dry goods to each family from the youth of our church!
We are so proud of the youth for their initiative in creating this food drive for those less fortunate!! 🥰🙏

Biserica Crestina Baptista “Sfanta Treime” youth group made the sacks of dry goods.
Thank you to all who made a shoebox!
Pics of each child with their box are towards the end..

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Shoebox 🎁 shipment received- thank you! 🙏

We received the shoebox gifts from MBK in the USA to hand out in the villages on December 11. Thank you to those involved !🙏
We’re going on 18 Dec(Sat) to Ion Creanga Orph, 22 Dec(Wed) to village of Garcina, and any left we’ll decide on other villages.
Programs in the village & orph last few weeks we’ve been using materials from Child Evangelism Fellowship to tell the Christmas story. Blessings! ♥️🎄

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First week back in the village!🥳🍕👍

19. 11. 2021 😌🌲 👼
We were back in the village of Garcina with a children program after a hiatus of 5 months! 🥳✨

For our first meeting we had 10 kids turn out! Many of them have been before; one new but some hadn’t seen in a few years 🙌

We played some games, sang some songs, ate pizza 🍕, and spoke about plans for a Christmas program.

It was good to see these kids after a long break! Pray for us as we work together to present a Christmas program.😌🙏🌲

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Youth Camp 2021🥳🏕

Youth Camp 2021 at Camp Cristia July 26-31 in Voroneț , Romania !
63 teenagers
8 leaders
11 kids +2 babies
5 moms🤗
“Live Life Abundantly” whole book of 1Peter was the theme for the youth.
“Days of Creation” Gen. 1-2 was the theme for the children. The leaders were Teo Tifrea, Gary Stoll, Lucian Avadanei, Laurentiu & Larisa Paruschi, Ioana Bivolaru, Sara Bivolaru, Gabi Iancu, & Octav Topoliceanu all members of Holy Trinity Baptist Church in Piatra Neamt, and David Goran of Alba Iulia Baptist Church.

Great week, hearts softened, lives directed, great people! Praise God!! 🌿🌿🌿🙌🙌😎😎🏕🏕🏕☀️☀️

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Children’s program at Youth Camp!

Camp went great! For one week, July 26-31, 2021 we went to the mountains of Northern Romania for camp. We had 11 kids (+2babies) learning the Days of Creation while the 63 youth learned about Living Abundantly (1peter). The 5 moms (wives of the youth counselors) did morning lessons for the kids’ program, and morning and evening worship time was spent as a whole group. Kids daily lessons had songs, games, experiments, and a story! The experiments were especially exciting!🏕 The kids had a great time and learned the theme very well.
Thank you for your prayers!😊