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English Club in April

English club
This month, we met less often for English club at Elena Doamna Orphanage because of vacation around Easter. The times we did meet, we learned 3 more verbs in present tense, to feel, to make, and to like, and practiced making sentences with them, and we worked on the days of the week, the months, and the seasons. During Easter break and because we didn’t hold regular classes, we decided to do something together with the kids from English club. After we recited a poem about Easter for the director of the orphanage, we went bowling together. They said their 8 line English poem with courage, but we still have some work to do on pronunciation.  Afterwards, we had an outing of cakes and juice at a cafe, and went to the bowling alley. Through stories, songs, and poems the children at the Elena Doamna Center are hearing more and more English on Fridays, and it is our hope that they begin to grasp it easier. It seems the thing that most children here have difficulty in is putting sentences together, although they have a wide knowledge of vocab. We are still working with them, pray for them in their studies!

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The children at Casa Ray continue to be devoted in their studies and are very attent when we hold weekly lessons.  I have English lessons with classes 3 & 6 on Tuesdays, and 4,7, & 8 on Thursdays.  We also took a few of the kids bowling during Easter break, who were sick last time we had an outing.


English lessons at Casa Ray Orphanage ( private)
with the 7th grade boys.

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English Club in March

In the month of March, the English Club at Elena Doamna Orphanage learned some new words and practiced speaking.  We learned 6 new verbs in Feb & March:  to be, to have, to do, to go, to say to look, and we repeated the personal pronouns and the possessive pronouns.  English Club exists to be a help for kids who take English at school to understand all they learn.  We make time at the end to help with their homework.  We’ll wait to see what level they come to by the time school lets out!

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Mother’s Day, March 8 Festivities!

We want to share about the wonderful celebration we had on Mother’s day, March 8th! We planned to visit the village church in Garcina and arranged some verses and poems with our kids to present in the church. They were warmly received and for many of them, it was the first time in a Christian church service. Afterwards, we had a love feast celebration for communication to happen between the small church family and the children. It was a happy time, and the kids felt welcome and comfortable. We are glad we had this opportunity to get together some of the kids in the village with some kind church members in their village, and they saw the love that happens between brothers and sisters in Christ. One girl who has a skin condition was asked more about it, and then there were plans of what could be done about it. She was given a natural serum by a sister in the church and has started a treatment and is doing better.  We were also able to gather some material things for some families in the village.  Praise the Lord for his provision!  Pray for the Father to keep working in that village!

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