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Our Routine~ Fall 2017

Along with fall comes the back -to-school schedule, which affects both of us, Luci in his 2nd year of nursing school here in town, and I helping with English homework among the kids we know. 🙂 Emily has grown, she is now almost 1 year and 5 months, and had a fabulous summer with all the activities we had for the kids, also a great time with Lily, our babysitter. 🙂  Here is an example of our week this fall:

Monday- 3-4pm Becca tutoring at Elena Doamna Orphanage, 8am-3pm Lucian at clinicals
Tuesday- 3-6pm Becca tutoring at Casa Ray Orphanage, 8am-3pm Lucian at clinicals Wednesday- 3-5pm Becca tutoring home, 8am-3pm Lucian at clinicals, 6-8pm prayer meeting.
Thursday- 3-6pm Becca tutoring at Casa Ray Orphanage, 8am-3pm Lucian at clinicals.
Friday- 3-5pm Becca tutoring, 8am-3pm Lucian at clinical.
Saturday- 3-5pm Village kids program in Garcina, 6-8pm Lucian at youth group (leading along with 2 other guys).
Sunday- 10-12 church, 6-8pm church.

Also every morning, Lucian meets with youth from villages of Negresti & Garcina at 7-8am for breakfast & prayer before school.  Ones who come to youth group &/or have been with us to camp. They have read through the book of John & Proverbs, and have started Matthew.  Pray for the kids we know to come to an understanding of the saving knowledge of God & his Son.  Also for us as a family to remain steadfast and to continue growing in patience and sharing.  Thank you.

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Looking forward to Camp 2017!

Great news! We have received all of our sponsorships for our two camps this summer, praise the Lord!! 🙂

Now please be praying for youth camp that starts in a week and a half, with the theme “Beyond Appearances,” verse John 8:32.  Pray for us as we minister to the 70 participants, but also for the participants to meet God.

You can also be praying for our Children’s Camp we’ll be having August 21-25!  It will be with 25 children from the Village where do ministry, Garcina, and the theme is about Moses.    Thank you for your help and your prayers !!

Had fun helping out at a VBS at the Casa Ray Orphanage two weeks ago!  A team from Lancaster, PA came to share their time with the kids.  Their theme was on getting wisdom 👍😊

Clockwise Top from left: Luci explains a game; Denisa’s wise owl craft; Dumi & Cristina’s activity for learning about controlling the tongue; staff at Casa Ray/ American VBS team / children of Casa Ray; some of the adolescent girls at Casa Ray.

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Summer guests!

This summer is packed!!

This summer we have a Youth camp, Children’s camp, Luci is
helping with the youth group as it is growing, and we are
continuing our work with the village ministry.
Emily goes with us. 🙂 Youth camp has
passed, and we moved onto the next activity!
We had 63 youth participants and 20 adult leaders. A week
before Youth camp, a friend of mine from the States came to
visit for a month and she came to camp. She loved it!
She helped with the baby, and also got involved with the
activities and got to know the youth.

Kim at Youth camp!

Kim also came with us to the village ministry
on Wednesdays, and she has visited the kids at
Casa Ray Orphanage, where I do English lessons. She has stayed at Casa Ray Orphanage long term in the past, so she knows the kids really well. It was a nice
reunion for everyone and she saw how much they have grown! 🙂

Kim with us at the village ministry!
Kim with us at the village ministry!


Bob, Diana, & Kim at Casa Ray Orphanage
Bob, Diana, & Kim at Casa Ray Orphanage.

We also had Bob & Diana Webb visiting us from South Carolina, who came to Children’s camp along with Kim, where we had 16 kids and 12 leaders ( including kitchen help), and they also visited Casa Ray Orphanage.  We hope to take kids to the pool as well, if it warms up. 🙂  We have had a wonderful summer with friends, kids, and baby Emily.

Emily Joy Avadanei.
Emily Joy Avadanei.