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Our Routine~ Spring 2018

May 5, 2018
We’ve been back in Romania now from our furlough a month and a half. We’re back into our ministry and family routine, and one new thing this spring is that Emily has started preschool! Another news is that Rebecca is expecting,(5 months) so we want Emily to be occupied when mommy is with the baby in the fall. 🙂 Luci is continuing with nursing school (2nd year) and youth group & mentoring some teens, and I am giving English lessons 3 times a week. We are also still doing our Awana program in the village of Garcina on Saturday, and now that we’ve been back we are making up for lost time! The kids there felt our absence for four months, and now we’re trying to repair. We’ve taken them to the park and played volleyball & had pizza, and we are pouring into new songs and reviewing material they have learned with us. A typical week for us:
Monday- 8am-3pm Luci clinicals, 8am-12pm Emily preschool, Rebecca home.
Tuesday: 8am-3pm Luci clinicals, 8am-12pm Emily preschool, 3-6pm Rebecca English at Casa Ray.
Wednesday: 8am-3pm Luci clinicals, 8am-12pm Emily preschool, 6-8pm prayer group.
Thursday: 8am-3pm Luci clinicals, 8am-12pm Emily preschool, 3-6pm Rebecca English at Casa Ray.
Friday: 8am-3pm Luci clinicals, 8am-12pm Emily preschool, 2-3pm Rebecca English lesson home.
Saturday: 2-4pm L,R,&E at Garcina kids program, 6-9pm Luci youth group.
Sunday- 10-12 church, 6-8 pm church.
Also on some days, Luci meets with a group of young people for breakfast & prayer before school, 6:30-8am.
We hope the Lord is guiding you & your families as well in things that please Him.  Remember Daniel 1: 8-16 where it says how Daniel chose how to stay pure. “But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way.”  Keep in your prayers our camp in August for young people, the theme is going to be “How to Discover the Will of God”, and a VBS in July for village&city kids in our area. We have a few people coming from the States to help with those. Blessings!
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Children’s Camp 2017 ~ Brasov, Romania!

Just got back from Children’s Camp August 21-25 in Brasov, Romania !! 🇷🇴🏞
Was good weather, mostly well behaved, and we had fun! We had 20 kids and 15 adults, half making the food and half of them providing activities for the kids. Lessons were on Moses, the Great Leader! The kids learned a lot about the burning bush, God’s plan, the plagues, and 10 commandments! We learned a cool song, too about crocodiles in the Nile. 👍 Thank you all for the prayers!  🏞😎☀️👴🏻

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Children’s Day at Elena Doamna Orphanage 2017!

International Children’s Day is on June 1!  Today we had an event with 25 children in the Elena Doamna orphanage and tomorrow we have another event where we have a weekly village program. We’ve done like we have in years past, with a BBQ cookout, games, and time in the sun.

Pray for tomorrow’s event, as we have invited the parents of children who come to our program, also brothers and sisters from the church, that it will be a good turnout and if we have opportunity to speak of God, that we would speak clearly. Thank you for your prayers.

Today’s event went well, good turnout, kids behaved well, no injuries, even the weather was nice!  God was with us and gave us grace! 👍



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Village Program- counting down to the diploma ceremony!


Things have been going well in the village kids club in the village of Garcina, as well as the rest of our routine.  In our kids club, we have been using the Samaritan’s Purse 12-lesson plan called “The Greatest Journey” workbooks, which we introduced last August in Children’s camp.  Its got puzzles & questions that are fun! We have now reached the end of the lessons, as sometimes the lessons took more than one week to digest because they’re chock full of stuff, and now we can get ready for a diploma ceremony!  We will be rewarding those who remember the most verses and facts through the workbooks, as well as having a celebratory meal to celebrate all of the participants, where we invite the parents.  Each week we have seen 15-20 of our kids, so these studies really attract them and pull them into the fun of learning!  Be praying for the event, which will take place on March 11.

Here are some pictures of our 2017 gatherings in kids’ club!

Singing together!  Saturday Jan 28.

  img_2297img_2296  img_2299  img_0886

We had the opportunity to give out some dolls that were made by hand and given to us from a lady in SC.
We had the opportunity to give out some dolls that were made by hand and given to us from a lady in SC. Saturday, Feb 4.
A part of the group :) Saturday, Feb 4.
A part of the group 🙂
Saturday, Feb 4.
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March Awana & Village Program

In March, we kept up with our routine – and me being 6 1/2 months pregnant, I was still able to participate 🙂

We went two Saturdays to the Elena Doamna Orphanage and two Saturdays to the Ion Creanga Orphanage, and every Wednesday held our Village kids club in Garcina where approx. 10-15 kids who live there came and participated.  At all these meetings, we sing, have a relevant story, play group games, and have a neat craft.  We are learning the Easter story at the orphanages, and Moses & the Exodus with Garcina.

Precious young people at ED Orphanage.
Precious young people at ED Orphanage.


IMG_0329 IMG_0153IMG_0336

IMG_0175 IMG_0170



Fun with the village kids from Garcina !
Fun with the village kids from Garcina !


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Saturday Awana programs in 2016

The Saturday children’s program started on Jan 16, together with some church members who make part of our team.  Luci and I were spending some time with family at that time in the States, but the team went continually on Saturdays to spend time with the children in two orphanages, Elena Doamna & Ion Creanga.  The children were between 7-14 years old.

When we arrived back in Feb, we joined up with the team again and saw the good routine they had had with the kids.  Needless to say, our first Saturday back with the kids was joyful & energetic!  I’ll include some pictures from that day, February 27th. The kids had started some lessons on Adam & Eve when we were gone, and worked through a Children’s storybook Bible with Cain & Abel, and then Noah & his sons.

Children's Saturday program, at Elena Doamna Orphanage
Children’s Saturday program, at Elena Doamna Orphanage
Playing a fun game- "Describe That Object!"
Playing a fun game- “Describe That Object!”
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Saturday Programs in April

Peace everyone,

Saturday Program in April
We would like to bring to your attention the events that happened in April:

The first Saturday in April, which was the day before Palm Sunday, our team visited both Elena Doamna Orphanage and Ion Creanga Orphanage in Piatra Neamt, which are on the same campus and both hold about 100-120 children & teens.  At Elena Doamna there were 5 helpers and I.C. had 6 helpers of those who came with us.

We followed the same program as usual, with games, songs, story, and craft.  Our story for the day before Palm Sunday was about Jesus’ entrance in Jerusalem and his suffering and betrayal. This wasn’t the first time these kids have heard the Easter story, praise the Lord they are familiar with Bible stories, but we reminded them of it with a skit from the leaders.  The craft we did that day was a cute one of Golgota with paper plates.


Songs we sang this month were new ones focusing on the sacrifice of Jesus and other worship songs, such as:  Once Again, How Deep the Father’s Love, and The Way the Truth and the Life.  The children have enjoyed learning them, and sometimes we have been adding in some percussion instruments.  The children have sung only in Romanian so far.

The second Saturday in April, as in the one before Easter, we didn’t visit the children but instead took a group of teenagers we know from this orphanage to play volleyball and soccer at a sports center.  Woohoo what fun!  It was great weather, too.

The third Saturday, that is the one after Easter, we didn’t have an official program again because some of our team members were still away,  but Luci and I went in for a visit.  We had some pictures to give regarding the events of the last few weeks, and we had the chance to ask how their vacation was, what they did, and if they were able to visit with any relatives.  It was a lovely time spent.

The Christians in Eastern European countries follow the Orthodox calendar, and therefore celebrate Easter one week later.  This is the practice for all people in the Eastern Europe countries, except for the Catholics who celebrate the same time as the West.

Please do pray for the team who goes to Elena Doamna and Ion Creanga Orphanages at this time, as the numbers have dropped sharply due to one family’s move and another family’s upcoming move.  May the Lord send in replacements if its his will for the work to continue.
Pray for the young girls to be able to balance their chores with their schoolwork, and for the young boys to find strapping tasks.

With much respect,
The team of volunteers
Lucian & Becca Avadanei