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Futbol / Volei with Youth from Elena Doamna Orphanage

This is what we do in Romania on a nice, sunny Saturday ! 🙂

An outing to the Strand in our town (a park/ community place for people to gather) with youth from the Elena Doamna Orphanage. We are trying to encourage the teenagers to do good while they are growing up, and to know from where to get guidance for their lives. ❤


Time with the girls...
Time with the girls…


Futbol- the boys
Futbol- the boys


The girls showing their strengths
The girls showing their strengths


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Easter in Garcina

Easter in Garcina, May 1, 2016
With having Easter here 2 weeks ago, Easter is still fresh in our hearts. We had a wonderful celebration in the village ministry!
With 15 kids, on Easter morning in the village church, we had a program of 6 songs, with verses and poems in between. The kids sang with joy and energy! After the program, the pastor gave a simple sermon for kids on the Easter story. At the end of church, we stayed and had a time of socialization and a meal with those who came. There were 40 people in attendance.
Continue to pray for this village church, that each effort that is made is able to build relationships and be a witness to the community!

Preparing the sanctuary with colorful things!
Preparing the sanctuary with colorful things!


Precious children singing praises to God.
Precious children singing praises to God.


Fellowship meal.
Fellowship meal!
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Youth Evangelism ~ Some Youth Outreach Work…

Praise God!

We recently mentioned there had been some new youth from the Ion Creanga Orphanage who had been coming Sunday nights to our church. Once after the service, we went to McDonald’s & had time for a chat. For some of them it was just an experiment seeing the differences in the Orthodox and Baptist churches. For some, the Lord spoke to them through songs and the choir’s message. Some of them were coming for 2 months! We pray this experience will have been a beginning for these young people on some more firm ground, and they will continue to seek God in their lives.

Some of them will be coming to a Youth Evangelism this Saturday, put together by Luis Palau team of Evangelists.  Luci will be joining them, and available to them for questions and discussion.  It will be in the evening, hosted by our church but at a hotel conference room. We hope they stay sharp & enjoy the learning !

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Girls’ Night !!

We had a sleepover at our house !

For the last few months, I had been thinking about doing some special activity just with the girls from the village where we have a childrens’ program, in Garcina. We focused on girls 7th grade and higher, those who are starting to face more challenges. Eight girls came to our house on a Friday and we spread out in the living room! We had a study on the girls’ future dreams and goals, and what character they wanted in the future, and at the same time had a meal, did nails, and just had time to chat.

These girls are growing up in some difficult conditions and sometimes don’t have the chance to share what they want or think they could do. We used a brochure I made with some questions to get us started, and after they had filled it out, we talked about it. I was pleased to hear the input from the girls. We also talked about some verses from Prov 2 & Prov 9 that say our value and what its like to stay near to God for life.

My wonderful husband was our chef 🙂 , and some of the girls helped him in the kitchen. We had a dinner of spaghetti & meat sauce and made a dessert and cracker mix together with the girls. I am thankful also for two special ladies & their input, Margareta and Dorina. They both had contact with these girls in the past with various activities, and came to the sleepover as well. We are praying for the future of these girls, and that they find their true purpose for living in God’s ways.