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the end of summer at the orphanage…

Thursday, August 23, 2012
An entry that appeared in my journal yesterday:

Today we found a dog!

The day started out well, with everyone in good spirits.  Today is Tata’s birthday, he turns 62.  Everyone went about their work happily this morning because we know we will have a party tonight with all the Gavril children who are in the area.  Tata is saying little jokes here and there.  Tonight, we will not have our usual Bible study with the little kids in order to make space for all the festivities and merriment.  For dinner, Felicia, Mama and Tata’s oldest daughter, is making shaorma.  It is kind of like a taco but different.  It is a Turkish sandwich with a pita that is stuffed with ketchup, mayo, lettuce, grilled chicken, french fries, tomatoes, shredded carrots, and pickles.  Oh how delightful and filling!  There are a lot of Shaorma stands in the city, it is as popular as a hamburger would be back home.  I think this family has made them before, because the women seemed to have a system in putting them together.  One for each kid, and then the adults made their own.  It was quite a bustling party! We had about 18 kids present, counting the kids in the orphanage and the grandkids, and 13 adults counting Kim and I.  The adults ate in another room where many stories were told!  Mihaela, the oldest girl in the orphanage, made a Happy Birthday sign with colored paper.  Alex, Vlad, Eric, Kim and I put up balloons.

Earlier in the afternoon, the kids, Kim, I, and Anita, a woman who works at the orphanage, all went for a walk .  It has been rather hot, but nothing like the record highs of the summer a few weeks ago of 90s/100s fahrenheit.  Now it has been in the upper 80s with scattered storms, delightful for an afternoon walk.  On our walk, a man said he heard barking in the bushes by the riverbed.  We all went to investigate.  Kim was the most determined, and aha!  she found a puppy that was crying!  The kids fell in love with it ( later we found out it is a German hunting terrier mix) and we carried it on our walk and back to the house.  Beyond everyone’s belief, Mama and Tata agreed to keep it on the homestead!   The orphanage homestead has many farm animals including cows and chickens, but up till now, no pet.  The boys do like to pick up the chickens and carry  them around like a pet! and they like to pet the bunnies, but it is not the same as having a dog.  It will give the kids good lessons in taking care of and training something.  So far, Cristian has hovered over it’s every need and even started training it to stay inside the gate. We named it Kim, for it is a girl.  There have also been 2 or 3 stray kitties hanging around, for the kids put stuff out for them, so we will see if we come to name them as well.  Mama and Tata remarked on how big the farm is getting: cows, chickens, cats, dogs, then Mama said flies!  😀  Thanks to Tata, the past few weeks have been less dense with flies because of the strips he found.  There is a new freshness in the air at the orphanage homestead with these new creatures hanging around.  We have found favor in the eyes of the Lord as we live out the kingdom!

I will end with a Romanian tongue twister:  Fată fostului fierar face fasole fără foc fiindcă focul face fum.  (It means something like this:  a girl makes beans without fire because fire makes smoke.)

Be in prayers for Filip, the grandson who had the hip operation, as he starts his physical therapy which will last three weeks in Northern Germany.  We must give thanks to God for providing a doctor who speaks Romanian for the therapy, He is so good!  Pray his dad can find some construction work to do there and pray for his sister  who is here in town with us, when feelings of longing for her brother and dad hit.

Pray the Lord bless our time with the kids, that it may be useful.  Kim only has about 3 more weeks before she returns home to the states.  We received a big box of craft items and goodies for the kids from her family, what a blessing.  May it last.  Pray we can teach and instill virtues of gentleness, kindness, and love in their precious hearts.  Pray we recognize each day as a chance to make an impact.

La rivedere my friends!  Goodbye!




We are Lucian and Becca Avadanei, a young couple bent on orphan ministry. We met while both of us were involved in ministry to Romanian children, and decided to team up in our efforts to help orphans and abandoned children discover who they are. Now, we are serving together in Children and Youth Outreach in Romania under the organization My Brother’s Keeper Ministries. Follow us on our blog and learn how you can pray for the children.

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